Nov 21, 2012

Review: Argania Range

 Moisture Repair Shampoo 250ml* $19.99
Moisture Repair Conditioner 250ml $19.99
Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 20ml* $24.99
Moroccan Argan Hair Treatment Oil 5ml* $5.99

A while back I purchased the Argania Moisture Repair Conditioner with one of my $20 Farmers Club reward vouchers as I was on the hunt for an Argan oil based conditioner without the million dollar price tag. Let me tell you, for $20 you get a lot of bang for your buck. I've just finished up my bottle now and I've been using it for months. I emailed Argania to tell them how much I loved their conditioner and if they would be interested in me reviewing the entire range.

I was kindly sent the other three products in the range (one little travel size hair oil comes free with a full size pure oil, more on that later) to try so I could get the full Argania experience. 

The products are formulated without a ton of chemicals (parabens, SLS and propylene glycol) and you can read the ingredients list in under 30secs! What they do contain is the much talked about organic Moroccan Argan oil. This oil du jour is packed full of vitamin e, antioxidants and essential fatty acids and does all manner of things such as repairing, restoring and moisturising. The oil is extracted from the kernals that grow on the Argan tree that is endemic to Morocco and it is sustainably harvested.

This duo is responsible for the shiny hair that I've been rocking lately. The Moisture Repair Shampoo gives your hair that 'squeaky clean' feeling when you wash with it, something that I personally like. Because it's formulated without all those nasties, your hair doesn't get coated in chemicals which normally make it 'feel' nice. Due to the fact that your hair isn't coated in chemicals with this shampoo, the Moisture Repair Conditioner actually has a chance to penetrate fully into the hair shaft. The Moisture Repair Shampoo does contain Argan oil, Macadamia oil and Jojoba oil, which are all revered for their nourishing qualities. I like that these oils are in this shampoo because I don't believe that nourishment should only come from your conditioner. I think it's important to treat your hair right through your whole routine which is why I love this entire range.

The Moisture Repair Conditioner is extremely softening and nourishing and contains Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil, Manuka honey, Keratin and proteins. It smells like a vanilla cupcake and is creamy but not thick. I still think the conditioner is my favourite product in the range and now that it's finished I really need to get my hands on another one because my other conditioners are just not doing the job.
Look how shiny it leaves my hair.

I use a 20c-50c coin amount of shampoo in the shower first thing after I've soaked my hair. I give it a good scrub, being careful not to pull my hair up onto my head (I heard that this can cause split ends and it's best not to do it). It doesn't lather up a whole lot and this is due to that lack of chemicals (that's a good thing, shampoo doesn't need to lather up to work well). Once it's rinsed out I use a 20c coin amount of conditioner and work it through the length of my hair. I don't use a lot on my scalp area because I have quite fine hair and need a little help in the volume department. This conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down but I still don't like to put a whole lot of product there. I leave the conditioner in for the rest of my shower and rinse it out 5-10mins later when I'm ready to get out. I've always done this (like, since I was 10) and it really makes a difference. Why would you apply it and then rinse it off straight away?  It hasn't had any time to absorb!

When I get out of the shower I gently towel-dry my hair and let it air for about 5 mins. Then I apply a 5c coin amount of the Argan Hair Treatment oil, starting at my ends and then working up with whatever product is left. It's quite a quick-absorbing product, you definitely won't feel like you've got oil in your hair all day. What you will get is shine and softness! I swear this product makes all the difference. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I haven't trimmed my hair since June. I don't have obvious amounts of split ends, I know that it needs a little trim to look a little healthier but these products have severely lengthened my necessary time between haircuts.

If I feel like my skin needs a little pick-me-up then I'll apply a couple of drops of the Pure Argan oil treatment to my face. This product is the only Argania product that is suitable for the face. It's 100% pure certified organic Argan oil and is amazing as a treatment for the skin. It has all the beneficial vitamins and antioxidants that I listed above and is fantastic at anti-ageing. It smoothes, nourishes and gets rid of any dry bits on my face. It's not oily and it absorbs quickly. If you've been using Rosehip oil and are looking for a change then give this one a try, for a similar price. I've actually used this as a little cuticle treatment at night before bed and on occasion as a concentrated dose for the ends of my hair. Multi-use wins in my book! Argania have included a free 5ml travel size of the Hair Treatment in the box with the Pure Argan oil which is perfect if you're going away and don't want to take the larger bottle (full size 100ml $34.99). This little size lasted me a long time, because you're only using a tiny amount each time. It's time for me to invest in the larger size!

A bit of a long review this time but I had a lot to cover! Do you guys love Moroccan Argan oil as much as I do? 
If you're looking for more info go and check out Argania's:

Website here
Facebook Page here

Lizy xx


  1. Which do you think is better for hair? Coconut Oil or Argan Oil, right. Its hard to chose because they are both beneficial in different ways.

    I use TIANA Argan Fresh Coconut TLC which is an intensive hair treatment with both cold pressed coconut oil and cold pressed argan oil. It works amazingly. It repairs damaged hair and split ends and it also gives you that salon finish to your hair. Try it out. I hope you like it.

    1. I've never actually used a Coconut Oil on my hair before but I do know that it is quite beneficial. I've always just used the Argan blends. My boyfriends sister has used Macadamia Oil before and she loved it! I've had a look at that product you recommend and it looks great, but I'm not sure if I can get it in New Zealand? Thanks for stopping by xxx

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  2. Ive just been reading your blog, its fabulous! I tried this argania hair oil a few weeks ago, it made my hair really soft and shiny, but my scalp got really itchy for some reason, so I gave it to my sister. I didnt know it could be used on you face though! I used Moroccan oil before that so will go back to it once I can afford it, its pretty expensive but a 100ml bottle lasts me nearly a year :)

    1. Thank you so much! Glad you like my blog :) Were you using the hair treatment or the pure Argan oil? You can use the pure oil on your face but not the hair treatment. I'd also steer clear of putting any oils near your scalp unless it's really dry. I normally use it from my mid-lengths down to my ends as I find it's too rich for my roots. Hope this helps! x

  3. Heya! Can all these products be bought in Farmers? And were they on sale or were these the normal prices? I really need to get my hands on some so I'm hoping theyre not expensive.

    1. Hey, yes you can buy them all at Farmers! They are very reasonably priced too but you may get them on sale occasionally. Lizy x

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