Mar 20, 2018

Hello, is this thing on?

Hello, world. 

It's a been a hot minute... or year. #fail.

So much has happened and I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to fill you in on everything. I may just give you the Reader's Digest version? Yes, let's just bullet point some of the standout events. Note: by putting these events in bullet points I am not trivialising any of them... especially the first one 😩. So, in no particular order, these are some of the events that have happened since my last post:

- I lost my beloved Papa. I don't know that anything else matters beyond this... but this tragedy was the catalyst for writing again, so...
- We celebrated our first and second wedding anniversary.
- We finally made it to Rarotonga for our "official" honeymoon.
- I finished my degree (a long time coming!) and graduated.
- I started two businesses.
- We began making some improvements to our first home.
- We started using essential oils everyday (and are obsessed).
- We planned and booked a Europe holiday, and then had to cancel (largely due to point one...).
- We went vegetarian/plant-based as much as possible.
- We hosted our first Christmas in our very own home.

But perhaps above all, we deepened our relationships with those we love, realised what is most important and let go of some relationships that weren't adding value to our lives. 

Part of why I haven't written for so long is because I became tired of the 'do it for the 'gram' mentality. I don't just live my life to share it on social media and I felt like I had fallen behind more successful bloggers who regularly post. I felt I was becoming trapped in a PR cycle that dictated what I should post and when. I'm not bagging this industry at all... I'm just shining a light on what was hard for me to keep up with - I felt that everyone was writing about the same thing all the time. If you've seen the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive', you'll understand what I'm talking about.

I've always tried to be honest on here and recently I've felt that honest opinions and thought weren't necessarily in vogue. I've been wanting to write, but I lost confidence in my way of writing. I hope you'll stick around and that what I have to say is interesting.

I'm also going to start peppering in some lifestyle posts. Beauty is my first love, but I'm a 27-year-old wife and homeowner who loves to travel, decorate, cook and celebrate royal weddings ;)

Thank you for your enduring support. I'll see you soon!

Dec 8, 2016

Chahoya Spa by L'Occitane // Broome

Today I am sharing with you my experience of the Chahoya Spa by L'Occitane at the Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa in Broome, Australia. You may recall seeing on my Instagram that I visited Broome in October to attend a family wedding and for some quality R & R.

While there I took the opportunity to try out the resort spa for a number of reasons, including my love for L'Occitane products. As soon as I realised it was a L'Occitane spa, I was in!

The treatments I chose were well-needed though. I opted for a leg refresher treatment with essential oils and added on a head massage to finish. We had to take three plane rides to get to Broome and when we arrived it was 40 degrees C and very humid. My feet and legs suffered as a result and bar swimming 24/7 and having cool showers, the only thing that was going to help them was having this treatment. My only regret was that I left it to the end of the trip before I booked in! 

I added on the head massage for a little extra relaxation.

The Spa: Chahoya Spa is named after the Japanese word for 'pamper' and reflects the rich Japanese pearling culture and history in Broome. The spa partnered with L'Occitane in 2013 to add Australia to the network of other L'Occitane spas worldwide in exotic locations like Indonesia, The Dominican Republic, Spain and Israel.

At the Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa, the spa occupies a tranquil spot to the side of the tennis courts and gym, in a dedicated wellness area. You can see from the images above, how beautiful the spot is and how tranquil the surroundings are with many water features, ponds, bubbling water and leafy palms.

The spa itself is very spacious and it encourages a feeling of openness and relaxation. From the moment you step inside and breathe in the L'Occitane scent, you are instantly relaxed and ready for your treatment. It is recommended that you get there 15 minutes early, so that you may fill out the health questionnaire, but so that you can also ease into your treatment without the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Dim (interior) lighting, natural light from the many windows offering views of various water features and sculptures, and comfortable chairs all set the scene for a relaxing treatment. While filling out my questionnaire I was offered a cool face cloth and glass of water to freshen up with; a thoughtful and very welcome touch.

My therapist Danae offered a friendly introduction as she escorted me to the Kimberley Cabin, named after the Kimberley region of Australia where Broom is located. I was first treated to the L'Occitane 'Welcome Ritual' which is a grounding and relaxing foot bath using the Aromochologie Effervescent Sugar Cubes. 

I was left in private to arrange myself under a towel on the massage bed. Before Danae began the leg massage she asked me to inhale three times slowly what I later learned was the L'Occitane Aromachologie Relaxing Essential Oil Blend. This was as I was laying face-down on the massage bed and very nearly made me fall asleep, it was so calming! I went on to purchase this product for obvious reasons!

The massage combined warmed oils and effleurage techniques to boost lymphatic drainage and circulation, with a thicker cream for my feet to nourish dry skin. After my treatment I noticed my legs and feet were noticeably less puffy, especially around my ankles. 

I don't know about you but my very favourite things to be massaged are my head, feet and hands. Something about massaging the extremities is so nice! I always try to add on a head massage to a treatment where possible. 

Danae had put out a comb for me to tidy up my hair after the massage which I thought was a nice touch. Sometimes after facials I feel like I am left with a bird's nest on my head if the therapist has included a head massage! 

After my treatment I was invited to unwind in their relaxation area. I was served cool water, a detox tea from the Kimberley region and a selection of dried fruit and nuts. I did not want to leave the relaxation area as it was so nice and I stayed there for about half an hour.

There was a selection of L'Occitane products on the table for me to try also, where I promptly fell in love with the Almond range all over again.

Needless to say, quite a few products made it home with me! However I still haven't picked up the Almond Milk Concentrate (it's featured in my Christmas gift guide/wishlist).

I've been loving all of these products, the shower oil is in my November favourites and the Supple Skin Oil has been a lifesaver for maintaining my holiday tan. The Lighter Legs gel-cream is a brilliant product for tired, heavy 'summer legs' and will be in my travel bag this summer for sure!

Have you tried any of these products? Would you visit this spa if you are ever in Broome? I really recommend my therapist Danae too, she was polite, professional and friendly. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at this spa and I hope to do more spa reviews in the future!

Treatment menu here: menu

P.S - I paid for all of my own treatments and products. Chahoya Spa did not know that I was writing this review, nor did they influence what I have written. All opinions are my own.

Nov 30, 2016

November Favourites // Skincare + Makeup

November Favourites // Skincare + Makeup

November Favourites // Skincare + Makeup 

I can't believe it's almost December - although that means Christmas and my absolute favourite time of year! Where has the year gone? 

I've been using some gooooood products this month, both skincare and makeup and I have been long overdue for a favourites post so here goes!

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil - LOVE! So luxe, emulsifies on contact with water and leaves skin feeling comfortable and nourished.

Shiseido Benefiance Cleansing Emulsion - We've got a repurchase here guys! Haha! This is my second bottle of this cream cleanser. It is effective at comfortably cleansing and getting a massage going. Unfortunately you can't buy this anymore (boo!) as they changed the formula slightly. I haven't tried the new one yet because I'm so attached the old one and stocked up.

Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum - This is a repurchase too; absolutely can't live without this serum. Revives tired skin and makes it look like you've just had an hour-long facial. It targets capillaries and blood circulation to even out skin tone, so if you are prone to a bit of rosacea or pigmentation, it is a Godsend. It is hydrating, anti-aging and smells divine (I may be wrong but I get a pink grapefruit type smell from it). I use it after Shiseido's Ultimune serum and before my moisturiser. 

Kerastase Masquintense - Love this treatment for a perk up of my dry ends. I bought this a few months before my wedding to get my tresses in top condition and it's still going strong! Rumour has it that the Duchess of Cambridge uses this mask, and you know how I feel about that! #addtocart

Clinique Sparkle Skin - Body exfol. Effective. Smells good. Great scrub. 'Nuff said.

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum - I'm sure this has made a favourites post before. One of my top three all-time favourite perfumes. It has been on higher rotation this month due to the warmer weather (although maybe I've spoken too soon!). It is light and feminine, and lasts for most of the day. You might need a top up for post-work drinks.

Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Colour Stick in Amethyst - Literally a green-eyed gals best friend. SO EASY to apply and blends out to look like you've spent ten minutes doing a multiple shade eyeshadow look. So creamy and beautiful - recommend blending though if you have slightly oilier eyelids. Blends well with other shadows if you want to get a little fancier, although you could literally just swipe this on, blend a little and you have a gorgeous eye look in 30 seconds. I own the shade Cocoa too but this one goes from day to night a little better.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette - A recent purchase from my USA trip in July. Pretty much a palette of base and crease/blending colours. Works well with tons of other shades and formulas; have used this with the Laura Mercier stick. Universal, no-fuss palette that you could wear everyday. Took only this palette and a couple of shimmery single shadows on my trip to Broome, Australia last month.

Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Lipbalm in Blueberry - The hot pink lips. Crazy packaging, amazing lip balm. Bbo bbo means 'kiss' in Korean apparently! My lips are so, so soft after using this and the balm tastes amazing. A Sephora impulse purchase while waiting in line. Those aisles get me every time!

Bobbi Brown Blondie Pink Lipstick - I've mentioned this before but this lipstick really is the perfect shade for me. A rosewood type colour that I can throw in my handbag and apply throughout the day. My lips are naturally a little darker and I can't wear really nude shades as they wash me out, so this shade is perfection. The formula is great, hydrating and reasonably long lasting. I feel pretty and confident when I wear it and I will definitely repurchase it when the time comes.

Bobbi Brown Pale Pink Blush (powder version) - The blush I have been reaching for the most this month. A gorgeous, bright pink. Love this for using on my apples, Bobbi style. Really compliments my colouring and gives me a healthy, flushed look. 

Real Techniques Blush Brush - To apply the blush mentioned above. This brush has a great shape and applies product well. I haven't had a shedding problem with any of my Real Techniques brushes and this one is no exception. Check it out if you are in the market for a new blush brush.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - I don't know why it has taken me so long to get this bronzer! I mentioned to my BFF Victoria that I wanted to try it and she brought it back from her USA trip for me at the start of the month. #loveyougirl I haven't used another bronzer this month and enjoy how this one looks on my skin (usually fair, but tanned for me at the moment due to my Aussie trip last month). The colour does not lean red or orange and blends well for a natural look.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in Rosewood 06 - My long-time fave lip balm/lip gloss. Not sticky, just an absolutely gorgeous balm that works well on its own or over lipstick. Love it with the Blondie Pink from Bobbi. It's no secret that these Clarins balms are my fave coloured balm, I've mentioned them many times over the years and I own multiples of every shade. Clarins need to give me a two year warning if they ever decide to discontinue them!

So there you have it - A peek at the products I've been reaching for non-stop this month. I'm sure that come Christmas all my faves will have changed to red, glittery nail polishes and shimmery gold shadows. We shall see!

Happy December Eve!

Nov 29, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide // Wishlist

Christmas Gift Guide // Wishlist

Christmas Gift Guide // Wishlist

Today I'm sharing with you my top picks for Christmas 2016 #hubbyareyoureading?

So some of these are a liiittle bit pricey, but that's what a wishlist is for right?

Share with me what is on your wishlist, or if you are totally crushing on all of the above too!

Happy shopping guys!

Nov 28, 2016

Tier for Teens Range + Review

This post has been a while in the making because I actually received these Tier for Teens products back at the end of August. You may remember I shared a few photos on my Instagram (@beautybylizy) when I got them and first started using them. Sidenote - You really should follow me on Insta because I share loads of 'mini reviews' on there and update that with my fave beauty finds regularly. 

I've added these products to my usual product rotation and have loved them! When I first got wind of this range the item that impressed me the most was STEAM - 8 facial steam bags made up of dried petals and botanics that you use in a basin of warm/hot water. A bit like a tea bag treatment for your face, albeit with the most luxe ingredients. White willow bark, chickweed, sage, lavender, comfrey, liquorice root, hibiscus, calendula, rose, green tea and rosemary are all stars at softening sebum, unclogging pores, reducing inflammation and preparation of the skin to better receive other products. You use one steam bag in a basin of hot/boiling water (1L) and let to steep for 10 minutes. If you are using boiling water you may need to leave it a little longer before being comfortable steaming over it, but it is personal preference. The water at our house is very hot so I just used it straight from the tap. You then create a tent over the basin with a towel over your head and revel in the botanical, aromatic scent and relax for 10-15 minutes.

After steaming your face, it is recommended to follow with MASK so that the excess softened sebum (from steaming) can be absorbed by the French rose clay. The Burdock and Crushed Rose MASK works to gently purify, exfoliate, heal and treat the skin. It boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties to keep teenage skin in top condition while increasing circulation and reducing scarring. You apply a generous amount to the face (avoiding the eye area) and leave on for 10-15 minutes. I would not recommend leaving this product on for longer than that. You may experience some tingling while it is on your face and that is perfectly normal. You will want to dampen your fingers and massage the MASK over your face to achieve a gentle exfoliation before rinsing off. 

Although I didn't try SPRITZ, it is at this point that I would spray a little of this product onto your face, followed by MOISTURE (I did try a sample of this - very softening and light textured). There you have yourself a DIY facial at home with brilliant teen-targeted products. I would recommend this once a week and for regular maintenance use WASH, SPRITZ, MOISTURE and SPOT STOP in that order.

The teenage version of myself would have been obsessed with this range, especially with such a special product like STEAM. Most teen ranges don't think to make a comprehensive, luxe range - but in actual fact, many teens do love to take care of their skin and treat it with care just as their big sisters, cousins and mums do. It's not all about "quick, what can I scrub on my face in the shower in 2 seconds?" type ranges.

Well done Tier for Teens - I salute you!

I shared these products and a facial with my younger cousin (she is 13) and she loves them so much! She feels so grown up and loves taking ownership of the health and wellbeing of her body.

Tier for Teens is a natural range created especially for teenage skin by well-known New Zealand natural skincare company Nellie Tier. This brand is not new to me, I have shared my love for their Neroli and Cinnamon Bark candle on social media for years. I am up to my third one and could not live without one! I often buy their delicious hand creams for gifts as they are so well received. I like the May Chang and Mandarin version.

The Tier for Teens range is available online at:

STEAM: $40 for 8 steam bags*
WASH: $29 130ml
SPRITZ: $26 130ml
MOISTURE: $35 130ml
MASK: $38 120ml*
SPOT STOP: $22 30ml

The range is a reasonably priced, quality collection of products that are generously sized and sure to delight the teen in your life. They would make perfect Christmas presents!

I was kindly sent the STEAM and MASK products to try with no expectation for review. I have genuinely enjoyed using these products and think you will too. I was not sponsored for this post. All opinions are my own.
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