Jul 20, 2010

July Favourites

 Hey everybody! So I've finally gone ahead and created a beauty blog which I've been wanting to do for a while now. I thought I would start by doing a quick July favourites post. I know it's not the end of the month yet but I wanted to do it because I've been using these products all month and I really like them.

01. Lancôme Nutrix Royal Body - Instant Nourishing Dry Body Oil.
This oil is amazing. As it says in the title, this is a dry oil, so it's not thick or sticky feeling (from unabsorbed product) like some body oils. It contains 10 botanical oils to nourish the skin - it feels amazing all day long. I use mine as soon as I get out of the shower when my skin is still warm so it absorbs better. It also comes in a handy spray bottle so there is no mess or quantity overload associated with an open topped bottle. It has a very fresh scent to it, I can't put my finger on it but it has a lovely clean smell.

02. Chanel Le Vernis - Particuliere
The most gorgeous nail polish shade I have ever come across. Limited edition and fresh off the runway. It is a greyed taupe hue that applies perfectly opaque after two coats. When dry, the polish is shiny enough not to require a top coat however it would be recommended to set polish and prevent chips. I have been wearing mine for 4 days straight now and I haven't had a chip yet.

03. Moroccan Oil - Oil Treatment for all Hair Types
Yes, another oil! I'm having a bit of a moment with them. I read about this in a magazine and thought it sounded too good to be true. Like the Lancôme oil, this one has very rapid absorption. I use a teensy bit on towel dried hair (just less than the size of an old five cent piece) and apply to ends and mid-lengths only. It's a very light oil and not greasy (you're only using a small amount) but I still wouldn't use it on my roots as it would probably weigh it down too much. It's key ingredient is the argan oil which comes from argan trees endemic to Morocco. It makes your hair feel super soft and silky and provides a nice shine. The hairdresser told me that with repeated use the oil will act as a heat protectant also for use with flat irons etc (?). It makes my hair smell really good too which is a must :) I reckon this is going to last me absolutely ages because it is 100ml and I really am only using a tiny amount.

04. Simple - Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes
I've been through countless packets of these purely because they work and they are relatively cheap - you can pick them up from the supermarket. I like the simple wipes because my skin goes through periods of real sensitivity and these are fragrance, colour, alcohol and harsh chemical free. They remove all of my make-up, even waterproof mascara. I generally don't have that much energy at night to go through a huge skincare regime but I know it's important to remove my make-up. I keep them right next to my bed with some moisturiser so that no matter what, I will always have clean skin before going to sleep!

Kind of a short first post, but I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know your thoughts on these products. If you have tried them etc. Have a good week everybody!
- Lizy x


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I love reading and appreciate all your comments.
- Lizy x

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