Apr 15, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Polish

(I spy with my little eye, a photo of my brother circa 1999)
Lately I've been making an extra large effort to keep my nails looking top-notch.
Really, it was an excuse to show off three of my new polishes!

I've been holding onto whatever is left of the summery weather by wearing gold, pink and a splash of green thrown in for good measure.
OPI's 'Up Front & Personal' and 'Strawberry Margarita' are two very fun shades.

Up Front & Personal is the first gold shade I've found that works well with my 'peaches and cream complexion'.
It's not too yellow, it's more of a white gold and I like that about it.

Sorry about the quality of this picture! Don't take photos at 11pm ha :)

Strawberry Margarita has quickly become my favourite pink. Very bright, fun and flirty!

'Thames' is the second polish I've purchased from the Butter London range. The first I bought was 'Tramp Stamp'. I bought that shade last year and haven't even used it yet! Oooops. *slaps wrist*. Must do.

Anyway, 'Thames' looks fab on me. It enhances my natural colouring and tbh just looks plain hot. Now I was a bit iffy about wearing a green polish to work, but this shade is all class baby. Very shimmery and well worth the moolah.
My only gripe with this is that three coats is imperative to achieve any sort of good result. Usually I'm a two-coat-and-go kinda gal.
Must learn to wait my patience.

Have you bought anything new lately?
- Lizy x


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- Lizy x

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