Apr 17, 2011

Product of the Day

If you have never tried the body butters from The Body Shop before, then I suggest you run out and get one pronto. I am in love with them. Well, more specifically, this one.
If you know me then you'll know I love any thing peachy.
(MAC Peachykeen blush, Clarins Peach Essential Water .... you get my drift)
The peach scent is so intense as well, it lasts on my skin for hours.
I warm the product up in my hands before applying to my skin just after I get out of the shower or bath (as with any moisturiser). I find that when my skin is still warm and slightly damp it absorbs better.

This product owes its consistency to the cocoa and shea butters it contains.
It literally melts into your skin and delivers great moisturising properties.
My skin is left smoothed, soft and glowing for hours.

What's your favourite Body Butter?

- Lizy x


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- Lizy x

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