Sep 1, 2011

Review: Oxygen Skincare

Just over a month ago I was sent some products from the beautiful Alana at Oxygen Skincare to try, test and review.

Luckily, I got to choose my very own little stash of natural skincare goodness. They came all wrapped up in an exciting blue and green bag (bags can too be exciting!), like so:

Oxygen Skincare are the new-kids-on-the-block in the New Zealand beauty market. Their skincare ranges are well thought out and put together. All of the products work in harmony together and complement one another.

Oxygen believes in creating products with the highest levels of natural and organic ingredients as possible. They will only use a small amount of synthetic ingredients if it is of benefit to the customer.

On the whole, I really like the Oxygen Skincare products and have only two gripes about the whole range! Read on.

I chose four products from their 'Teen Range' and also the 'Women's Travel Pack' as all the women's products looked amazing (but I didn't want to be greedy!).

Teen Creme Cleanser - Glad I picked the creme cleanser as opposed to the foaming or 2'n'1 cleansers as my skin has been drier than normal lately. I have to commend Oxygen here for having 3 options for us to choose from in the Teen Range. Most companies only have one, and they assume everyone has oily-pimple-prone skin. They won me over right from the start! Love this cleanser. Ylang ylang and Rosemary extracts make for a yummy aroma-therapeutic experience, while Jojoba and Aloe Vera soothe and soften my skin. I love the creamy texture also. It's important to remind you here that you should remove this cleanser with a warm face-cloth as stated in the directions. This just ensures all the cleanser is removed and a yucky film isn't left on the skin.

Teen Oil Control Toner - I was a bit sceptical about using this product because, well, I don't have a whole lot of oil to control. I read Oxygen's description of the toner though and decided that I could actually use it. Yay! The ingredient list is very short (five!) and features nourishing Kiwifruit, Aloe, Spirulina and Mandarin. The toner has a predominant, gentle mandarin smell that is very refreshing and a good reminder of the naturalness of the product. I think an extra nice summery treat would be to put the toner in the fridge on warm days so you can spritz on a deliciously chilled few drops onto your face to cool you down. I also think the size of the bottle should perhaps be twice the size. It's currently 100ml and I think 200ml (same size as cleanser) would last a bit longer.

Teen Vitalising Moisturiser - This was my least favourite product out of all I received. I found that the creme itself was a tad too light to do any sort of 'intense' moisturising on my skin and the scent very off putting. I think the problem lies in my dry skin though rather than with the product because I tried this on my friend who has 'normal' skin and it worked beautifully at moisturising her skin. I could definitely not understand the concept behind the Pina Colada fragrance. If it were natural smelling like the rest of the products then perhaps I would have persevered with the moisturiser. When I was wearing it I kept getting whiffs of Pina Colada, maybe it's alright for a summer holiday in Raro, but not for your average day-to-day happenings. Unless it's a really cool, happening thing right now in the teen market and I'm just missing the point. Oxygen do have another Teen moisturiser with a more natural cucumber scent. I should look into that instead.

Teen Blemish/Acne Gel - My first thoughts were Holy-Moly-Macaroni this tube is massive for a pimple cream! How exciting to have so much of the stuff, I was practically begging for a little acne. Maybe I shouldn't have. Two days later an hormonal cluster of bumps decided to rear their ugly heads on my chin. I was prepared though. I got out a little cotton bud (as directed, who wants this stuff on their fingers?) and applied it onto the spots. I'm not lying, the next morning they were at least half the size if not smaller. I attribute my speedy acne recovery to the anti-inflammatory properties of the Canadian Willow Herb and anti-microbial properties of the Nelson Manuka Honey. Winning combo. Evening Primrose Oil is on hand to help soften up the blemish and help prevent scarring also. I'm a really big fan of this gel! Good thing it'll last me forever.

Women's Travel Pack - Highly recommended! Love this little kit. I actually kept it in my handbag the WHOLE month and used it at random whenever I needed a little treat. I also took it skiing with me up the mountain and it performed really well given the circumstances. I found my skin was much too dry and as much as I wanted the Intensive Moisturiser to be intense, it just wasn't. I will admit that I didn't drink as much water as I should have and so have no one but myself to blame for my tight skin. The Cream Cleanser was luxurious, both Intensive and Night Moisturisers smelled amazing and the Purifying Honey Masque was a lovely post-piste treat. The Hand and Body Creme was amazing! I have a major sweet tooth and this creme smells like a fresh batch of Vanilla cupcakes. Who could resist? My skin feels smooth and supple after using it and even my Boyfriend noticed I was smelling a lot sweeter than usual. That's saying something! I'd love to try out more of Oxygen's Womens Range, I spied a huge size facial exfoliant and beautiful looking Botanical Face Oil.


All in all, I'm extremely impressed with the products I was given to try out. I'm glad I gave them a good solid month of testing and trialling to get an accurate and honest idea of how they perform. I'd urge you to go and check out their website to see what Oxygen Skincare can do for you!

- Lizy x
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