Dec 5, 2012

Project 10 Pan Finale!

Hola Beauties!
I know it's been a while, but guess who's used up all this stuff?! Me.

I mentioned a while back that I was 'annoyed' at some of the things I've used up. I've got two reasons why. Either the products were:

1. Awesome and I was sad to see the bottom of them (Paul Mitchell Shampoo, Organix Shampoo, Argania Conditioner, Body Shop Peach Shower Gel, Clarins and Avene)
2. So disgusting that it was torture to use it up (Imperial Leather Foaming Shower Gel).

List of bomb-diggity products:

- Clarins Renew Plus Body Serum
- Clarins Eau Dynamisante Shower Gel
- Avene Light & Rich Hydrating Creams
- Paul Mitchell Instant Moisture Daily Shampoo (my absolute fave!)
- Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo (from Australia)
- Argania Moisture Repair Conditoner
- The Body Shop Peach Shower Gel (can't buy anymore :( )

Then there's the Imperial Leather Shower Foam. I think I owe it an explanation. For one, I'm a bit of a shower gel snob and go to great lengths to choose nice, delicious ones. This product was an impulse buy one grocery shop. I'd just watched Louise Sprinkle Of Glitter on Youtube and she'd made a video (I think it had Saucy Woopsie in the title) that included this lovely foaming shower gel (like a shaving gel kinda). I love Louise and she made it look so fun that as soon as I saw this foaming thing at the supermarket, I pounced on it. I thought that I'd picked the smart scent choice but obviously not. The first two washes were okay, but then the scent got to me. It became worse and worse everyday and I hated using it but I knew I had to finish this Project 10 Pan, so I took one for the team and just finished it! I did beg Chris to start using it too so that it would go down quicker. I got the Passionflower and Jojoba one, do a lot of sniffing in the store if you're going to get one of these.

So that's 9 things used up which brings my official total to....


That's nearly two project 10 pans!

I've also nearly used up these things! I'll be sad to see those perfumes go.
What, you don't use a bust gel?! ;)

What have you used up?

- Lizy xx

Introducing Home By Lizy!

A few days ago, after much thought and procrastination, I decided to start a home blog!

If you didn't gather from the name, my new blog will be a sister blog to this one. I've always wanted to write about baking, crafts and home decor but never thought that Beauty by Lizy was the right place to do it. 

If you were that way inclined, you could click on my new header above and that will take you to my new blog. 

I'll still be blogging over here often and have a few ideas of fun posts that I want to do before the New Year!

Over on Home by Lizy, I've already shared pictures of our Christmas tree and posted a yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. 

See you over there!

- Lizy xx

(PS please remember that I've only just started that blog, so it's not amazing yet ;) )

Dec 3, 2012

November 2012 Favourites

Happy December!
Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, I thought a festive red background was fitting. If you couldn't tell, I love Christmas!
These are the products that I've used and loved in November, a real mix.

Evolu Purifying Mask* - I've used this as my treatment mask a couple of times this month. My skin is quite funny, dehydrated and congested at the same time. I can use it as a spot treatment if I need it, but it doesn't dry my skin out if I use it all over. It's got Mistletoe in it too, xmas love!
Clarins Roll-On Deodorant* - It seems a bit extravagant to use such an expensive deodorant ($41) but honestly, once you use this you'll never go back. It's got a beautiful gentle smell, nothing fake and sickly-sweet. It lasts all day and doesn't irritate just-shaved armpits.
Trilogy Rosehip Oil + Antioxidant - I've always had a Rosehip Oil on hand when I need it and when my last one ran out I had to replace it with this one. I feel good knowing it's got the added antioxidant factor, Lycopene, Cranberry and Acai. Smoothes and hydrates my skin.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Foundation* - When I need a little extra coverage I forgo my Clarins Skin Illusion and use this. I've noticed a few extra little freckles and things that I quite like covering so this is perfect. I like the dewy finish too.
China Glaze Ruby Pumps - This red, glittery polish satisfies my Christmas obsession. This month I've worn it on fingers and toes and received quite a few compliments. Love!
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - Is it weird I've included a toothpaste into the mix? I had one of my sweet friends bring this to me from the States. It's a shame I can't buy it in New Zealand because it quickly became my favourite toothpaste everrrr. I really noticed a difference in how white my teeth were, even after the first use. I like the taste too, not many NZ toothpastes taste like that. If you live in the States and want to do a toothpaste swap, please email me hahaha!

Bath & Body Works (Slatkin & Co) Leaves Candle - I had my friend bring this over for me too (love her!). I'm so happy to have this because I've been wanting it for 3.5 years (ever since Tiffany D first mentioned it) but every time my friend went to buy it it was out of season or out of stock. I finally have it and have been burning it all month, getting in the festive mood. Golden nectar, red apple and berries combine to make one of the best things I've ever smelt. Thanks Samie! x
Clairol Nice'n Easy Colour Blend Foam 4RB - I dyed my hair this month! I thought it needed a pick me up as my ends were light and my roots were dull. This stuff smells absolutely horrible and I nearly washed it off early. The foam was easy to apply and the colour turned out great. For $7.50 you can't complain... Love my new colour!

Hope you loved my favourites for November! 
Are you as excited about Christmas as me?

- Lizy xx

Nov 21, 2012

Review: Argania Range

 Moisture Repair Shampoo 250ml* $19.99
Moisture Repair Conditioner 250ml $19.99
Pure Moroccan Argan Oil 20ml* $24.99
Moroccan Argan Hair Treatment Oil 5ml* $5.99

A while back I purchased the Argania Moisture Repair Conditioner with one of my $20 Farmers Club reward vouchers as I was on the hunt for an Argan oil based conditioner without the million dollar price tag. Let me tell you, for $20 you get a lot of bang for your buck. I've just finished up my bottle now and I've been using it for months. I emailed Argania to tell them how much I loved their conditioner and if they would be interested in me reviewing the entire range.

I was kindly sent the other three products in the range (one little travel size hair oil comes free with a full size pure oil, more on that later) to try so I could get the full Argania experience. 

The products are formulated without a ton of chemicals (parabens, SLS and propylene glycol) and you can read the ingredients list in under 30secs! What they do contain is the much talked about organic Moroccan Argan oil. This oil du jour is packed full of vitamin e, antioxidants and essential fatty acids and does all manner of things such as repairing, restoring and moisturising. The oil is extracted from the kernals that grow on the Argan tree that is endemic to Morocco and it is sustainably harvested.

This duo is responsible for the shiny hair that I've been rocking lately. The Moisture Repair Shampoo gives your hair that 'squeaky clean' feeling when you wash with it, something that I personally like. Because it's formulated without all those nasties, your hair doesn't get coated in chemicals which normally make it 'feel' nice. Due to the fact that your hair isn't coated in chemicals with this shampoo, the Moisture Repair Conditioner actually has a chance to penetrate fully into the hair shaft. The Moisture Repair Shampoo does contain Argan oil, Macadamia oil and Jojoba oil, which are all revered for their nourishing qualities. I like that these oils are in this shampoo because I don't believe that nourishment should only come from your conditioner. I think it's important to treat your hair right through your whole routine which is why I love this entire range.

The Moisture Repair Conditioner is extremely softening and nourishing and contains Sweet Almond oil, Argan oil, Manuka honey, Keratin and proteins. It smells like a vanilla cupcake and is creamy but not thick. I still think the conditioner is my favourite product in the range and now that it's finished I really need to get my hands on another one because my other conditioners are just not doing the job.
Look how shiny it leaves my hair.

I use a 20c-50c coin amount of shampoo in the shower first thing after I've soaked my hair. I give it a good scrub, being careful not to pull my hair up onto my head (I heard that this can cause split ends and it's best not to do it). It doesn't lather up a whole lot and this is due to that lack of chemicals (that's a good thing, shampoo doesn't need to lather up to work well). Once it's rinsed out I use a 20c coin amount of conditioner and work it through the length of my hair. I don't use a lot on my scalp area because I have quite fine hair and need a little help in the volume department. This conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down but I still don't like to put a whole lot of product there. I leave the conditioner in for the rest of my shower and rinse it out 5-10mins later when I'm ready to get out. I've always done this (like, since I was 10) and it really makes a difference. Why would you apply it and then rinse it off straight away?  It hasn't had any time to absorb!

When I get out of the shower I gently towel-dry my hair and let it air for about 5 mins. Then I apply a 5c coin amount of the Argan Hair Treatment oil, starting at my ends and then working up with whatever product is left. It's quite a quick-absorbing product, you definitely won't feel like you've got oil in your hair all day. What you will get is shine and softness! I swear this product makes all the difference. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I haven't trimmed my hair since June. I don't have obvious amounts of split ends, I know that it needs a little trim to look a little healthier but these products have severely lengthened my necessary time between haircuts.

If I feel like my skin needs a little pick-me-up then I'll apply a couple of drops of the Pure Argan oil treatment to my face. This product is the only Argania product that is suitable for the face. It's 100% pure certified organic Argan oil and is amazing as a treatment for the skin. It has all the beneficial vitamins and antioxidants that I listed above and is fantastic at anti-ageing. It smoothes, nourishes and gets rid of any dry bits on my face. It's not oily and it absorbs quickly. If you've been using Rosehip oil and are looking for a change then give this one a try, for a similar price. I've actually used this as a little cuticle treatment at night before bed and on occasion as a concentrated dose for the ends of my hair. Multi-use wins in my book! Argania have included a free 5ml travel size of the Hair Treatment in the box with the Pure Argan oil which is perfect if you're going away and don't want to take the larger bottle (full size 100ml $34.99). This little size lasted me a long time, because you're only using a tiny amount each time. It's time for me to invest in the larger size!

A bit of a long review this time but I had a lot to cover! Do you guys love Moroccan Argan oil as much as I do? 
If you're looking for more info go and check out Argania's:

Website here
Facebook Page here

Lizy xx

Nov 20, 2012

Big News....

I've got some big news to share!

Can you guess what it is?

- No, I'm not pregnant.
- No, we aren't engaged.
- No, we haven't bought a house with Monopoly money.

I'm going back to study!

I'm enrolled at Massey University to study a Bachelor of Communication with a major in Journalism and a minor in Media Studies. Hopefully this will lead me down the path of my life-long dream of becoming a Beauty Editor for a nice glossy magazine!

Hopefully the study I've already done won't completely go to waste and I'll be able to get some papers credited. 

A little freaked out about being that slightly older student in the class, but I know it's the right decision for my life and it took a while to get there!

I hope you'll wish me luck for my return to student life next year. I might even be here with some budget-conscious beauty advice!

Au revoir beauties!
Lizy xx

Nov 19, 2012

Review: Linden Leaves

 Miraculous Facial Oil 25ml* $49.99
Regenerating Elixir 15ml* $49.99
Moisture Replenishing Masque 55ml* $29.99

I've been using these Linden Leaves products for a few months now so I thought it was time to review them for you. I was kindly sent three products from their newest skincare line to try and give my thoughts on. I knew it had to be amazing because I heard that Rachel Hunter herself approached the brand about how much she loved their products. She is the now the face of Linden Leaves (and a beautiful one at that!).

Straight away I was impressed by the packaging and look of the products. Good quality paper packaging (recyclable), neutral colour scheme (I don't generally like to use skincare that comes in a fluoro green package) and practical containers for the products themselves. I love serums/elixirs in pump containers, it keeps the air from ruining the product and it lasts longer. It also dispenses the exact right amount each time. Glass dropper bottles are perfect for oils as you only need two drops for your entire face. Glass feels luxurious as well and the opacity of this container means that the light can't alter and ruin the oil.

You guys know that I truly believe in the power of plants to deliver miracle results when applied to the skin and this range was no exception. I normally use more natural products as I feel better about not applying a ton of chemicals onto my face. These Linden Leaves products are natural, cruelty free, contain no: parabens, SLS, synthetic colours or fragrances and is made in New Zealand. I feel like we are  blessed to live in New Zealand where we can so easily access good skincare ranges such as this one. But also, companies these days need to be commended for international shipping and international stockists. Everyone in the world needs these products in their lives!

This Regenerating Elixir is a concentrated treatment that helps to minimise the appearance of elemental damage, fine lines and wrinkles. It's got organic white tea in it for it's antioxidant and regenerating value. Kiwifruit extract helps defend against visible signs of ageing and rosehip oil restores and plumps the skin. Many other ingredients combine in this formula like vitamin c, chamomile, licorice and shea butter to moisturise, firm and renew the skin. I use this product as shown above, one pump mixed in with my normal daily moisturiser. I think it packs a powerful punch when combined like this and lasts longer than if I was using 2 pumps of the product alone. I feel like I'm getting the best of both worlds when I combine the Regenerating Elixir like this, I've also mixed it with a little of the Miraculous Facial Oil (divine!) and a little with the Moisture Replenishing Masque. I definitely notice the difference after I've used this. I'm not supposed to be getting fine lines/wrinkles at my age but working in an air-conditioned environment has taken its toll, particularly on my forehead. It plumps my skin and feels much smoother. I also notice a subtle glow as well, the perfect base before light makeup application. One of the best things about this Elixir for me is the the smell, it smells like you're rubbing a fresh rose petal over your face, which I love! For me, a products smell is a make or break thing, and this product gets a thumbs up.

The Miraculous Facial Oil turned out to be my favourite product of the three. Although I wouldn't classify my skin as dry, I would definitely say it has a tendency to be dehydrated. Again with the air-conditioning thing! A couple of drops of this spread over my face at night smoothes over any rough spots and in the morning my face is plumped and the texture has improved. I always feel that oils are one of the purer products of a range too and this one is no exception. It has a base of rosehip and evening primrose oils which are fantastic for anti-ageing, improving skin tone/scarring, nourishing and healing. White tea, vanilla, tonka bean, mandarin and sandalwood extracts are then added to do some serious healing, brightening, softening and regenerating. I love to use this on its own or mixed in with my moisturiser. Again, I like being able to mix a couple of products together to get the best of both worlds. In a pinch I've actually used a little of this product to rub into my cuticles! 1 drop will pretty much do all of your nails and get them looking healthy in no time at all, your cuticles will thank you for it. This product looks beautiful on my vanity too, can't complain about that.

This Moisture Replenishing Masque is actually a little bit special. You apply a decent layer to your face whenever you need a pick-me-up and leave it. It doesn't set. How amazing is that? You can put it on and eat your breakfast at the same time. One turn off for me of some masks is how they set and then your pretty much stuck for 15mins, you can't talk or do anything else that uses your face muscles and lets face it, you look a little ridic! This one is as good as invisible. It's pretty much magic. If, like me, you get a little dry/dehydrated sometimes then this product is a god-send! I apply a layer first, and If I've been a bit naughty and not used it for a few weeks, it soaks in straight away. That's how I know I've got dehydrated skin. Then I apply another layer about 2mins later. You can leave it on for about 15mins and then rinse with warm water or you can do what I do and leave it on for an hour plus. It says on the box that you can leave it on overnight. It won't harm your skin at all, in fact your skin will be that much more amazing in the morning. But remember, I said it's pretty much invisible so you can pop it on and do your house work for a couple of hours. No one will know, except for the gorgeous glow you'll be rocking. It contains green tea (a super antioxidant), chamomile (soothes and reduces puffiness), fennel (to rejuvenate) and manuka (healing). Use it once a week for best results. You can keep this in the fridge over summer for a super-cooling treatment or just use a little on cotton pads over your eyes to reduce puffiness. 

I love how multi-use these Linden Leaves products are. All in all I'm very happy with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting skin as gorgeous as Rachel Hunter's! 

These products are widely available. If you'd like to know a little bit more about the brand then check out their:

Website here
Facebook page here

Have a great week! I'll be back soon with some life updates and more reviews soon.
Lizy xx

Aug 22, 2012

A REAL Update - Herb Farm Haul / New Linen Headboard

Today Chris and I took a drive out to The Herb Farm, which isn't too far away from where we live. I've been looking at their website for a while and had it in mind for a quick day trip. Unfortunately the weather did pack in a bit while we were there so we didn't walk around the gardens (we'll save that for summer). On the flip side it wasn't busy at all so it was the perfect opportunity to look through the retail store uninterrupted.

A mini haul for y'all. Before you kick down my front door wielding pitchforks, I've finished my first Project 10 Pan. I just haven't got around to showing you what I used up. Some really annoying things if I'm being honest with you. More on that later. The helpful girl at The Herb Farm answered all of our questions and we walked away with these three things. They've just launched two new face masks so I picked up one of those (not that I don't have enough, this one just looked special). I also couldn't resist the foot balm (yeah, I've got a couple of those too, so I only bought the smaller size). Chris was intrigued by this shampoo as it is supposed to keep your scalp nice and healthy, something he's dealing with at the moment. 

I'll let you know how these products go in a review soon. 

A quick snap of me on the way back to the car. Can you see the puddles in the background? What a day to decide to go on a garden walk. I'm sporting some of my new Witchery accessories here.

Do any of you shop at Witchery? I've been loving their accessories lately, and I got these for an absolute steal. I was flicking through my emails yesterday and I saw one from Witchery saying that my $20 Birthday Reward was going to expire yesterday. Say, whaaaat?!! I didn't know anything about this free $20 they were giving me. I went into the store yesterday about half an hour before they closed and the sales assistant told me I could use it on anything in store. Even SALE items. I found a really pretty gold, flower-type design headband for $24.50 (originally $40). I feel like a real princess wearing this! I also got some sunglasses (I only 'do' tortoiseshell) on sale for $14.95 (originally $80!!). Lastly I picked up the blue tassel key chain to give away to one of you! I got it for $1.50 (originally $20). I only paid $14 something all up. RIDIC. I'm sure I only paid about $7.50 for these glasses. Don't know where I put my receipt.

I'm in love with the little gold details on the arms. The good quality case will protect them well in my massively overstuffed handbag too. Moral of the story: read your emails!

Oh yeah, in other news, we DIY-ed an upholstered linen headboard!! Obviously I'm no Home and Garden Magazine stylist and more than one of those pillowcases needs an iron. I hate the top of those European pillowcases too, they need a starch or something. If you have any questions about how we made it, just ask below. We're so happy with it. We actually made it 1.2m tall and its just resting on the ground at the moment. I like that it goes the whole way down the bed but think it might look better sitting a little higher. What do you think? It's comfy to lean against when reading.

Here's me sporting my new headband. Loving it! Wanna know what's making my hair so shiny? All will be revealed in my next post....

Have you bought or made anything new lately?

- Lizy x

Aug 21, 2012

Sort Out Your Winter Skin: Tebe/Olive

Tebe Cleansing Face Polish 50ml* $28.95
Olive 100% Natural Lip Balm 10ml* $9.50

In my last post I mentioned that I had a couple of reviews up my sleeve. Well, kind readers, the time has come. Just because I haven't blogged in a (weeny) while doesn't mean that I haven't been knee-deep in lotions and scrubs, trialing and testing them out for you. It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it. You may remember I did a post on the best-eye-cream-ever last month from the same company that sent me these. Naturally, I fell in love with these products too.

It's nearly spring and what better way to shed our dead winter skin than with this face polish. I've been using it all month to help me get rid of that dull winter look and add some radiance back into my skin. It contains finely ground Olive kernals and Kaolin clay to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin. The trick with exfoliators is to gently circle the scrub over the skin and let the beads do all the work. Not rub it in with such force as to scratch and irritate the skin. The Tebe Polish didn't do that, because I noticed that the Olive pips have been rounded so as not to scratch the skin (I'm not even going to get into some of those supermarket scrubs **St Ives!**). 

This polish gave me an excellent result and I attribute that to the fact that it contains lots of the 'resurfacing' ingredient, the Olive kernals. I found they didn't 'melt' on my skin like some exfoliators can, which just shortens the time you've got to work with the product. It contains nourishing oils like Sweet Almond and Olive which give a creamy texture and avoid that 'just-scrubbed-and-stripped-of-all-moisture' feeling. It also aims to remove blackheads and UMF Manuka Honey is on hand to help as an antibacterial for any of you suffering with a little acne. It has a great smell as well, which you all know is very important to me. If you want to get that spring glow that I'll be rocking, thanks to this product then you should definitely check this out.

I don't know if I told you this, but I'm a lip balm devotee. When I was in intermediate my teacher would stare me down with her hawk eyes to catch me putting lip balm on and tell me off. Apparently I had quite the obsession and would hold a chapstick in my hand the entire day. Nevertheless, I still love this moisturising stuff we put on our lips daily, and this balm is no exception. I've actually used this one before, many moons ago (6 years) and I loved it. It's since had a packaging update (which I prefer) but the formula is still amazing. It's non-greasy, non-sticky, moisturises for hours and gives you sassy lips like a Victoria's Secret model.

It's got an angled tip for direct application. No messy fingers here (unless you're taking a photo of it).

Mid application. I was a bit snap-happy. Shame about the poor quality photos, it doesn't do this balm any justice. If you want something natural and moisturising that won't break the bank, go and get this stuff, you'll thank me later (when you're looking all VS with your Doutzen Kroes lips).

Photo editing skillz at their worst. 

What do you think of these products? I'm really impressed with this brand and I'll look into buying more of their range. I've been told they're soon releasing a skin care oil to rival all skin care oils. I've seen the ingredient lineup and it's fierce! It will help with scarring, ageing, stretch marks, fine lines, uneven skin tone and dry skin. I'm so looking forward to it! 
In the meantime, something for you to look forward to..... I've got an Olive travel set to giveaway! Keep looking out for that it'll be up soon.

Click on the pictures below to go to their website.

Aug 5, 2012

Project 10 Pan Progress + An Update

I've died a thousand deaths today (to quote Christian Grey, um yeah that's why I haven't blogged in a while). My beloved Guinot Long-Lasting Moisturizing Cream ran out. To be fair, it did in fact last a very long time and I got a bit stingy with it towards the end. I just love that stuff! Damnnn.

I don't want to admit how long I've been in possession of that Dr Lewinn's Liquid Loofah body scrub. Years! I finished it off this week. Decent scrub but I prefer my Clarins one.

I don't know what it is about body washes, I'm sure you'll agree with me, I find myself with a million different ones that I use all at the same time and never finish any of them. Well hello, bottom of the bottle on this Body Shop Shea Butter Shower Cream. One of my cute presents from Chris last Christmas.

So for a little update...

I haven't blogged in a while because I've been so busy doing two things. Working and reading the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy. Oops. 

Consequently, I have a stack of reviews I need to do! Get excited! Some lovely things have landed on my doorstep lately and I'm excited to share them with you.

Hope everyone's staying cool till after school!

- Lizy x 

Jul 24, 2012

Savar Giveaway Winner!

After adding up all the entries for my Savar giveaway (blog, Facebook and Youtube) and popping the number into the number generator, the winner is....

I wrote all the names down and assigned them a number. 
Number 23 is...

(who entered via Youtube)

Congratulations Hannah, I'll contact you soon about sending you your prize!

Stay tuned for more giveaways and thank you all for entering.

- Lizy x

Jul 22, 2012

Happy Birthday BeautyByLizy!

This blog o' mine turns TWO today!!

Happy Birthday Beauty By Lizy!!!

I turn 22 today! It's come around so fast. It seems like only yesterday I had my big 21st party.

Thank you to everyone who has enriched my life these past couple of blog-years. Thank you to everyone who took a chance on me and gave me opportunities I only used to dream about!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Don't forget, there's still two days left to enter my Savar giveaway!

- Lizy xx

Jul 17, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist

This post is all about a girl dreaming big! Haha!
On Sunday I turn 22 and the Beauty By Lizy blog you all know and love turns 2!
You're cordially invited to a smashing party over here on Sunday night.
Entry to the VIP lounge will be gained by bringing one of the following things (jokes!).

One or two of these drool-worthy chevron mugs. Staring at that buttery yellow inside will brighten up my mornings before work.

This Wonder Lift Serum by Savar looks divine and although I'm only turning 22 and I don't quite need anti-ageing, I read that it's suitable for all skin types. Yes, I'd like some rejuvenating over in this hizzle! If you've been reading by blog for five minutes then you'll know I love serums and if you've read my Savar review then you'll know they're my new skincare crush.

Some Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Balls would be appreciated. Preferably the amount shown above please ;)

A few gorgeous flowers would brighten my day. Peonies are my favourite but I don't think they're in season at the moment. How beautiful are these bunches?

My very own Infrared Sauna. Wouldn't it be nice? I've started having them at my gym and I'm in love! I've read so many good things about what they can do for you.

Yes I want to get amongst the Christian Grey action. Better late than never, right?

So there's my list.
I hope you'll join me on Sunday for the celebrations! 
You may even get a party bag to take home...

- Lizy x

Jul 16, 2012

Review: Tebe Gentle Eye Cream

 Tebe Gentle Eye Cream 20ml $32.95*

This month I've gone from being a take-it-or-leave-it eye cream kinda gal to an infatuated devotee and it's all thanks to this miracle product.
For a while now I've been concerned with the dehydration lines that were forming around my eyes from working in a building that has constant air conditioning and bright lights. I was on the lookout for a product that would take care of the moisture loss while at the same time smooth out the lines. As luck would have it, I was sent this product to try right when I needed it the most. It is made right here in New Zealand at the breathtakingly beautiful Simunovich Olive Estate near Auckland.

My first impression of this product was that it seemed much larger than a regular eye cream and so it has a larger perceived value. The second thing I liked about this was that it is presented in a tube. More often than not, companies package their eye creams in a 'cute' little pot that you have to dip your fingers into, contaminating the product and unnecessarily exposing it to the air and pollutants. I know it seems small and insignificant but I say "bravo!" to Tebe for factoring this into the equation. The small-tipped nozzle ensures only a small amount of product can be squeezed out too.

The formula itself is how I prefer my eye creams to be: thick but easily absorbed, not overly scented and packed with a slew of beneficial ingredients.

It contains this - It does this

Apricot Kernel Oil - Moisturises
Macadamia Oil - Moisturises
Pure Rose Absolute - Nourishes and regenerates
Orchid Extract - Refines and repairs fine lines
Hematite Extract - Taughtens and smoothes out wrinkles
Pomegranate Extract - Protects and repairs damage from sun and pollution (antioxidant)
Mango Butter - Smoothes and moisturises
Cucumber Extract - Refreshes (anti-inflammatory)
Olive Leaf Extract - Promotes elasticity (antioxidant)
Olive Oil - Moisturises and smoothes

It contains many other great ingredients too, but these are the heros of this product.

I use two dots per eye each morning and night after cleansing and toning my face. 
I've noticed a measurable difference in the appearance of my dehydration lines and I think with repeated use I can kiss them goodbye for good! My eyes are much more hydrated and not so tired-looking any more.

I was sent two other products from the same company so expect see those popping up soon along with a giveaway.

These products are very accessible nationwide and I urge you to go and check them out if you want skincare that's good for you and your wallet!
Go and visit their website here for further information.

 Click on the images above to visit those pages.

- Lizy x

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