Jun 6, 2012

Rapid Review: Kérastase Resistance

I've been using this Kérastase Resistance duo for 3.5 weeks now and thought I'd share my opinions with you. My boyfriend's sister actually purchased these in a set and used them a couple of times before deciding that she didn't like the way it made her hair feel. So this range wasn't 'prescribed' for me but I read the bottles and it sounded like what I'd be interested in. I'd just run out of the Kérastase Nutri Thermique conditioner which I love so I was hoping that I'd love this too.

What: Kérastase Resistance Bain de Force Shampoo and Ciment Anti-Usure Conditioner. For hair that is weakened and/or damaged, especially on the ends.
From the kerastase-usa.com website "The VITA-CIMENT® TOPSEAL technology combines Vita-Ciment Complex to reconstitute the intercellular cement, reconstruct the internal structure and consolidate the fiber core while the Vita-Topseal reconstitutes and coats the natural outer protective layer of the hair fiber."

Where: Hair. Shampoo all over, conditioner lengths only.

When: When I first started using it I could get away with washing my hair every 2 days now it's more like every day.

Why: Confession: I haven't had my hair cut in a long time. I'm talking 2011. My ends are probably more split than the Grand Canyon. I kind of feel like if I just don't look at them that the problem will go away. *Booking a haircut first thing tomorrow*. Anyway, I thought this would help. The bottle said 'weakened, damaged lengths and ends'. Sign me up. Under my 'natural' brown colour lies 3 or 4 layers of bleach (you can read about my hair disasters here). I'm actually sporting unintended ombre hair! We should all be in agreement now that my hair, is in fact, neglected and weakened. Kérastase to the rescue? I'm not so sure...

How does it feel?: The first 2 days of use, my hair felt thick. Like I didn't need to wash it for a couple of days because it wasn't going to go limp and oily. I noticed it still felt soft but wasn't as shiny as my hair normally looks. Then it wasn't so thick, and my hair normalised. I think it does a good job of cleaning my hair but I don't think the conditioner is moisturising enough for me. Even though I have fine hair, I have a lot of it (apparently) and I prefer to use a really moisturising product on my lengths. One thing I have noticed while using this is that my hair is shedding like crazy in the shower. Like a clump in the bottom of the shower when I get out. My hair has never done that before. The funny thing is that I read all these reviews on these products and everyone was raving about how little their hair is falling out since using it...

01. I like using the product because I feel like it's doing more for my hair than a supermarket brand would (although I haven't used one of those since I was 15). 
02. I like the smell and the consistency of the shampoo, however the conditioner isn't thick enough for me. 
03. I wouldn't repurchase this, I'd buy something from the Nutritive range again.
04. Kérastase shampoos have impractical lids that screw completely off. You either need 3 hands or a shelf in your shower to hold both the lid and the bottle and pour some shampoo on your hand. However, the packaging is pretty. 
05. I'm about medium happy with this product.

Thanks for reading!
- Lizy x


  1. I've been meaning to try this for a while now. Thanks for info! This is really useful! x

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by xx

  2. I love reading hair product reviews as my hair hasn't been in great condition lately-good post :)

    Tanesha x

    1. Thank you :) I've been trying lots of things lately so may do a review on some of them. I had a hair cut last week so it's not so damaged now, but much shorter!
      Lizy xx


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