Jul 17, 2012

My Birthday Wishlist

This post is all about a girl dreaming big! Haha!
On Sunday I turn 22 and the Beauty By Lizy blog you all know and love turns 2!
You're cordially invited to a smashing party over here on Sunday night.
Entry to the VIP lounge will be gained by bringing one of the following things (jokes!).

One or two of these drool-worthy chevron mugs. Staring at that buttery yellow inside will brighten up my mornings before work.

This Wonder Lift Serum by Savar looks divine and although I'm only turning 22 and I don't quite need anti-ageing, I read that it's suitable for all skin types. Yes, I'd like some rejuvenating over in this hizzle! If you've been reading by blog for five minutes then you'll know I love serums and if you've read my Savar review then you'll know they're my new skincare crush.

Some Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Balls would be appreciated. Preferably the amount shown above please ;)

A few gorgeous flowers would brighten my day. Peonies are my favourite but I don't think they're in season at the moment. How beautiful are these bunches?

My very own Infrared Sauna. Wouldn't it be nice? I've started having them at my gym and I'm in love! I've read so many good things about what they can do for you.

Yes I want to get amongst the Christian Grey action. Better late than never, right?

So there's my list.
I hope you'll join me on Sunday for the celebrations! 
You may even get a party bag to take home...

- Lizy x


  1. I love this post!! You certainly want some awesome things for your birthday!


  2. Those flowers are so pretty! And bucketloads of Lindor wouldn't hurt either. Hope you have a fantastic birthday on Sunday :) And I have to admit I'm almost done with the entire 50 Shades trilogy, which can be summed up as: addictive trash :p


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