Jul 9, 2012

This Is My Monday

I usually get Mondays off work because I work most Saturdays. I quite enjoy having this day off because it's not busy about town and I can get things done without racing around other people. Today my boyfriend joined me (I practically had to beg him to go to the mall HA!) so that he could get some ideas for a birthday present for me. It's my birthday and 2 year blogiversary next week, I'm so excited! Chris bought me the laptop 'bag' from Typo, I love it so much. It's a high fashion look at a very affordable price. 

He also bought me the tassel key chain and hammered-look studs from Witchery, one of my favourite stores. Isn't he nice letting me pick out some of my own presents? I promised him I wouldn't use them till next week haha. I'm loving the tassel key chain look at the moment, very Made By Girl, check them out here. Except mine was a fraction of the cost. I'm thinking about going and getting a couple more for a giveaway. What do you think?

We went to LUSH for a 'smell' haha! 
We also went to the supermarket to do a couple of groceries and so I could pick up some regulars, a magazine (frankie) and my favourite cotton pads.
It seems so small and insignificant but I really believe these are the best cotton pads on the market in NZ. Yep, good ol' homebrand. They don't have any sharp edges or shed fluffy bits on my eyelashes. Love
I could buy the Shiseido Facial Cotton which is to die for, but I'm not gonna drop $8.50 for 60 pads. Okay maybe I will. Just to try it ;)

I'll be back soon with my long-awaited Savar review! 
- Lizy x


  1. Hahah Sounds like a great monday!! xx


  2. Lovely laptop bag. That reminds me, I need to get one for my lap top! lol! xx

  3. The laptop bag looks really nice, wouldn't have guessed it was from Typo! That was sweet of your boyfriend to let you pick out your gifts hehe :) Really interested to try the Homebrand pads now, I'm currently using some from Daiso which are inexpensive but they do tend to get a bit fluffy which isn't the best.


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