Dec 3, 2012

November 2012 Favourites

Happy December!
Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, I thought a festive red background was fitting. If you couldn't tell, I love Christmas!
These are the products that I've used and loved in November, a real mix.

Evolu Purifying Mask* - I've used this as my treatment mask a couple of times this month. My skin is quite funny, dehydrated and congested at the same time. I can use it as a spot treatment if I need it, but it doesn't dry my skin out if I use it all over. It's got Mistletoe in it too, xmas love!
Clarins Roll-On Deodorant* - It seems a bit extravagant to use such an expensive deodorant ($41) but honestly, once you use this you'll never go back. It's got a beautiful gentle smell, nothing fake and sickly-sweet. It lasts all day and doesn't irritate just-shaved armpits.
Trilogy Rosehip Oil + Antioxidant - I've always had a Rosehip Oil on hand when I need it and when my last one ran out I had to replace it with this one. I feel good knowing it's got the added antioxidant factor, Lycopene, Cranberry and Acai. Smoothes and hydrates my skin.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Foundation* - When I need a little extra coverage I forgo my Clarins Skin Illusion and use this. I've noticed a few extra little freckles and things that I quite like covering so this is perfect. I like the dewy finish too.
China Glaze Ruby Pumps - This red, glittery polish satisfies my Christmas obsession. This month I've worn it on fingers and toes and received quite a few compliments. Love!
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - Is it weird I've included a toothpaste into the mix? I had one of my sweet friends bring this to me from the States. It's a shame I can't buy it in New Zealand because it quickly became my favourite toothpaste everrrr. I really noticed a difference in how white my teeth were, even after the first use. I like the taste too, not many NZ toothpastes taste like that. If you live in the States and want to do a toothpaste swap, please email me hahaha!

Bath & Body Works (Slatkin & Co) Leaves Candle - I had my friend bring this over for me too (love her!). I'm so happy to have this because I've been wanting it for 3.5 years (ever since Tiffany D first mentioned it) but every time my friend went to buy it it was out of season or out of stock. I finally have it and have been burning it all month, getting in the festive mood. Golden nectar, red apple and berries combine to make one of the best things I've ever smelt. Thanks Samie! x
Clairol Nice'n Easy Colour Blend Foam 4RB - I dyed my hair this month! I thought it needed a pick me up as my ends were light and my roots were dull. This stuff smells absolutely horrible and I nearly washed it off early. The foam was easy to apply and the colour turned out great. For $7.50 you can't complain... Love my new colour!

Hope you loved my favourites for November! 
Are you as excited about Christmas as me?

- Lizy xx


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