Apr 10, 2013

Save, Spend, Splurge #1.

Welcome to the first of many in the Save, Spend, Splurge series where I’ll investigate one product type and come up with three price alternatives for you. Today I’m talking about toners.

It seems that in the last couple of years, spray application toners have sky-rocketed in popularity and beauty companies are supplying this demand by making more. Let’s be honest, in your 1-2-3 step skincare routine in the morning, which is the product you’d leave out if you were in a hurry? More often than not, toner got missed somewhere between your shampoo and slick of lip gloss. That is where the genius of spray toners comes in. It only takes a couple of seconds to spritz on. Forget about cotton pads and screw off lids (just spray and walk away). Bad joke, okay.

It’s important you don’t miss this step in your skincare regime; toners can remove any remaining cleanser, can help to neutralize the pH level of your skin and provide a great base on which to apply your moisturizer. If your skin is still a little damp from your toner, then you can use less moisturizer as it spreads easier. Not only do toners make your regime more economical but depending on what ingredients your toner contains, they can work all sorts of wonders on your skin. These are a few of my favourites:

Save $ - LUSH Eau Roma Water $9.90 100ml

It’s the perfect size to take with you if you’re travelling or staying overnight somewhere. It doesn’t contain a lot of ingredients, basically just Lavender and Rose waters, but it’s nice if you’ve got normal to dry skin as it doesn’t give you that tight, astringent feeling. The Eau Roma spray is great to refresh your skin when you need it and is also fine for sensitive and mature skins. Not tested on animals.

Spend $$ - Evolu Facial Toner $34.99 150ml

The Evolu philosophy is all about naturally rebalancing your skin and this is what this toner aims to do. It’s got Aloe Vera, Rosa Gallica and Witch Hazel in it to soften, soothe, promote capillary repair, alleviate puffiness and stimulate the circulation. If you’re a fan of botanical actives, then you’ll enjoy this toner. It’s fine for all skin types too. Not tested on animals.

Splurge $$$ - Savar Instant Boost Multi Toner $51 240ml

This is the most luxurious toner I’ve ever used. It contains the best New Zealand has to offer in terms of ingredients; think Marshmallow, Organic White Tea, Hibiscus and Mulberry extracts in a base of Rose Water and Aloe Leaf juice. It benefits all skin types and instantly refreshes, hydrates and brightens. Over summer I stored mine in the fridge for when I needed a quick cool down, with all of the great skincare benefits that came along with it. Not tested on animals.

The size of the bottle needs to be taken into consideration when working out value for money too. The LUSH toner is only $9.90, but the Savar toner is nearly two and half times bigger, with the added bonus of natural extracts.

That is the beauty of Save, Spend, Splurge!

If you’d like to purchase any of these toners or would like more information, visit their websites.

LUSH: Here
Evolu: Here
Savar: Here

- Lizy x


  1. Interesing post, great way to introduce products to people!


  2. The Savar sounds really luxurious and refreshing! I like the sound of the cheaper Lush option too. But my favourite is the good ol' Avene Thermal Spray :)

    1. It's actually so lovely!! Avene is a great staple though too :)

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