May 14, 2013

Beauty Products You Need To Survive Winter #1

For those of us who live south of the Equator, winter is coming and it's getting really cold.
Recently, I discovered that I was using a lot of 'winter friendly' products in place of a few of my usual products. Slightly richer formulas and deeper hues are what's needed to cope with the season.
These are my initial picks for products you might definitely need to get through winter.

A hard-working hand cream is an absolute must over the winter season. I love this Savar Advanced Hand Repair for its ingredients, its ability to nourish my dry cuticles and because it keeps my hands soft and smooth for hours after application. It's got an abundance of natural moisturisers in it like avocado, sweet almond and apricot kernal oils, as well as shea butter. Perfect to apply after your hands have been exposed to the elements, this hand cream is non-greasy and neutral smelling so it's not just for the ladies!

Speaking of the elements, your lips are no doubt one of the places that begin to show signs of dryness first. Applying a rich balm like this Nivea Lip Butter a few times a day should help. These Nivea Lip Butters are just new out but are selling like crazy, I picked mine up at my local supermarket.

Another way to relieve lip dryness is by using a moisturising lipstick such as this one by Dr. Hauschka. The all-natural lipstick not only hydrates but it smooths your lips too. Rose, anthyllis, rosewax, beeswax, jojoba and almond oil are a few of the ingredients this lipstick contains. It's free from mineral oils, parabens, synthetics etc and is organically registered. Would you treat your lips to any less? This Pink Topaz shade is perfect to lift my spirits if the weather is particularly dreary, not to mention the satisfaction I get from applying from the brushed gold tube.

After getting your hands in top shape after using a great hand cream, you'll want to show them off. What better way than by applying a dramatic, dark shade of polish such as one of these O.P.I's. Eiffel For This Colour is from the French Collection (you may find one floating around somewhere) and is my shade of choice. It's a vampy purple and looks great on shorter nails and complements a winter wardrobe. My Private Jet is another great winter shade, dark and reminiscent of the Milky Way with its glittery/shimmery particles. I heard it was Kim Kardashian's favourite colour, so if it's good enough for her....

A fabulously scented candle is, in my opinion, a non-negotiable winter staple. There's nothing better than snuggling under the covers when it's cold and raining outside, with a beautiful fragrant candle flickering away next to you. I've found the perfect one in Nellie Tier's Neroli and Cinnamon Bark Candle. The hand-poured, soya bean wax candle has been perfumed with essential oils and is the most warming scent for winter. I'm a cinnamon girl, and this candle delivers in a way that's not too overpowering. Neroli has always been one of my favourite essential oils and when added to the cinnamon bark, the pair combine to make the best candle I've smelled in long time. There's something to be said for a luxury candle that can evoke strong feelings in the smeller, and this candle does that. I imagine it's like being in the Sex and the City movie where they go to Abu Dhabi with all the spice souks and desert adventures. Where do I sign up for their wardrobe?

Richer formulas are required throughout winter, and that includes your hair regime too. Just switch out your conditioner once or twice a week for a nourishing hair mask like this L'Oreal Smoothing Deep Conditioner. It's sulfate-free and is great at taming frizzy or unruly hair. It makes the ends of my hair super soft and moisturised and fools me into thinking I don't need a haircut, ha!

Geoskincare are a great New Zealand company who make natural and organic products. This Hydrating Vitamin Masque is a great shot of nutrients for your skin, something you'll need over winter. I apply a thick-ish layer and leave for about 15-20 minutes before washing off. Jojoba, avocado, honey, shea butter, borage and vitamin e are just a few of the vitamins and minerals that you'll get out of this masque. You'll notice that your skin is smoother, softer and clearer.

Everyone loves the tried and true Palmers Cocoa Butter moisturiser, especially in the winter. That product is so thick you get a hand/arm workout just squeezing it out of the bottle. Don't think you can get away with slapping on a pair of jeans for 3 months and calling it a day. You'll thank me come September if you regularly apply moisturiser and maybe use that weird looking massager thing (especially on legs/thighs). It'll boost your circulation and 'push' the product into your skin. You'll have summer-ready legs in no time and everyone else will be wondering what you did differently!

So you'll notice that this is #1 in the winter survival series. I'm sure that I'll add more as the months grow colder/our gas bill increases to the point where wearing 5 jerseys is acceptable.

What do you love to use throughout winter? Have I overlooked anything major? Holla, so I can include it for next time!

- Lizy x


  1. It's so funny that you're busy preparing for winter while I'm just whipping out my fake tan for summer! Lovely post, I like the picture editing xxx

    1. Haha tell me about it! I'd muuuccchh rather be prepping for summer! Thank you, I'm definitely not an editing pro haha xxx

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