May 15, 2013

Pinterest Wishlist

I get a crazy satisfaction from staring at my Pinterest boards. 
It took me a while to find all the beautiful things that I've pinned (and repinned) and I feel like it represents a magical, whimsical side of me that not everyone sees. 
If you've got a Pinterest, then you'll know that you'll be scrolling and will see about 53,284 things that you really, really want!

Enter the Pinterest wishlist!
Pinterest fairies please hear me and deliver.

I'd never say no to a few Diptyque candles.

Would love to go to this spa to relax

A trip to this spa wouldn't go amiss.

Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask by Dr.Hauschka. $49.95. Spot Treat Pimples: Help pimples fade away overnight by spot treating with prepared Cleansing Clay Mask or Dr.Hauschka's Rejuvenating Mask.. A deep cleanser. Blackheads are reduced and dead skin cells are sloughed away.. Special treatment for large-pored skin with a tendency to blemish.. Key Plant Ingredients: Clay Earth, Indian Cress, Witch Hazel and Corn Starch.. Designed to support and encourage the skin's ability to take...

A cleansing clay mask for autumn/winter. Dr. Hauschka makes a lovely one.

Love that love

A Made By Girl Love (print) Poster for my ultra-girly office area. Maybe those perfumes too.

Paris, France | Best places in the World
via pinterest

A plane ticket to Paris. The city of my dreams!

Louboutin :)

These Louboutins. Swoon.


And lastly, a champagne tower. You've always got to have a champagne tower!
Anyone else want to join this party-of-one?

- Lizy x

P.S I know it seems like Pinterest sponsored this post. They really didn't. Ha!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! You've made my day :)
I love reading and appreciate all your comments.
- Lizy x

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