Jun 19, 2013

Clairol Professional Visible Repair Review

Visible Repair Shampoo 250ml* $16.90
Visible Repair Express Conditioner 250ml* $16.90
Visible Repair Conditioning Balm 250ml* $16.90
Visible Repair Intensive Mask 200ml* $16.90
Dramatize Volume Mousse 250ml* $23.50

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you'll know that I find it hard to fall in love with an entire range of hair care products. Normally I'd favour one or two products and mix and match with other brands. Well hand-on-heart, this is probably the first range of products to impress me at every corner.

I wanted to wait a few weeks before doing a review on the new Clairol Professional range so I could try it and give an honest review. I was sent the Visible Repair range after it was decided that my hair would benefit the most from it. And benefit it did!

I've never once reached for a different product in the shower. In fact, after 2 weeks of use, I was so happy with the results that I took my other hair care products out of the shower altogether. Read on for my review of the products.

I've been really happy with this shampoo/conditioner duo. I mentioned it before, but it's not everyday that I fall in love with both products and continue to use them until they're all gone. They suit my hair type perfectly and leave it shiny, hydrated and smooth. I've been able to cut down on washing my hair to every second day. Something I'm happy about as previously I was having to do it everyday. 

The shampoo gently cleanses my hair with a pleasing lather and leaves it feeling instantly light and refreshed. It's good to know that the shampoo contains silk and almond oil too. All too often, shampoos are just plain cleansing formulas and all of the nourishment is supposed to come from the conditioner. I like to know that my hair is taken care of every step of the way. 

My hair is relatively fine and so it has a tendency to get 'weighed' down by heavy conditioners etc. With the Visible Repair conditioner, I never find that my hair is weighed down, greasy, thick, oddly-textured or anything like that. It's only left smooth, shiny, hydrated, tangle-free and sweet smelling. I apply a 50c amount to my ends and mid-lengths, massage in and leave it for the remainder of my shower. When it comes time to wash out, it's melted into my ends and left it super soft and silky. 

This mask is a fantastic intensive treatment for the ends of my hair. I use it once a week and leave it on for about 5 mins before washing off. I used to be a bit lazy with hair masks, but after feeling how soft my hair was after the first use, I was hooked. This whole range has increased the health of my hair so much, but I know that an intensive mask is just what the doctor ordered - Concentrated nutrients to repair my ends. Under this 'naturally' brown facade, you can find bleached ends. Don't ask why 20 year-old Lizy thought bleach was a good option. I've been paying for it ever since.

In keeping with the I-love-conditioned-hair theme, I use this Repair Balm most days. It's an absolutely ginormous bottle that will last me an age (thankfully)! I used to use Moroccan Oil but I ran out and never replaced it. This is an awesome substitute for when you feel like you want to add that extra softening step at the end of your routine. I feel like this product protects my hair throughout the day and keeps it tangle free. I use one and a half pumps on my mid-lengths and pay particular attention to my ends. 

I mentioned earlier that I have fine hair and on an average day it doesn't bother me too much. The Visible Repair range doesn't weigh my hair down at all and so I don't notice it. However, some days you just want that va-va-voom volume and wave look. That's when I'll use the Dramatize Volume Mousse. I concentrate a good pump's worth at my roots and massage in when my hair is towel dried/still damp. I dry it with a hair dryer on these days, and give my hair the mandatory flip upside down move. This pumps up the volume even more. I softly brush it out with a boar bristle brush afterwards to avoid a full on 80s effect and mist with a little hair spray. This mousse gives enough texture to hold a style, but it never feels crispy or 'dirty' like some mousses I've tried. The woes of being a woman!

I'm going on holiday next week (follow me around the house doing the happy dance) and you better believe I'm taking these trusty products with me. I found some 75ml containers that are perfect for shampoo and conditioner and filled them up. I'm trying to cut out unnecessary weight in my suitcase and although these containers look small, all I could think of when I was pouring these out was, "this is nearly three months worth"! Haha, you can tell I'm not wasteful. They've worked brilliantly here in NZ for me and I know that they'll be fine in the hot (I hope) Thai climate. I'm going to take them in that Lancome ziplock bag just in case they leak (I doubt it though).

Mandatory photo of me looking all smug with my soft, shiny, volumised hair!

You can also believe there's been a lot of hair touching going on lately. I'm a bit obsessed.

Clairol Professional descriptions:

Clairol Professional Visible Repair Shampoo
RRP $16.90
The salon-exclusive Clairol Professional Visible Repair Shampoo, enriched with silk proteins and almond oil helps repair and nourish damaged hair, while cleansing it.  It provides the hair with a smoother, even structure and an extra shine vs. untreated hair.
Application: Massage on to wet hair, then rinse.

Clairol Professional Visible Repair Express Conditioner
RRP $16.90
This salon-exclusive Express Conditioner provides nourishment and express repair to damaged hair, leaving it stronger, shinier and silkier vs. untreated hair.
Application: Massage onto wet hair for 1-3 minutes, then rinse.

Clairol Professional Visible Repair Intensive Mask
RRP $16.90
This salon-exclusive formula instantly repairs the structure of damaged hair, by filling cuticle micro-cracks to restore the surface of the hair. Clairol Professional Visible Repair Intensive Mask leaves hair looking shiny and feeling nourished, strengthened and more resilient.
Application: Work in to damp hair, leave 5 minutes rinse thoroughly.

Clairol Professional Visible Repair Conditioning Balm (250ml)
RRP $16.90
This lightweight salon-exclusive formula instantly nourishes damaged hair from root to tips, to visibly repair damaged and weak hair. Hair is left feeling stronger, silky and easy to comb. Clairol Professional Visible Repair Conditioning Balm also helps prevents static reactions in hair to ensure you look on top of your game no matter what your day has in store for you.
Application: Apply to damp hair, do not rinse out.

Clairol Professional Dramatize Volume Mousse 
RRP $23.50
Creates fullness and body for up to 24hrs with Clairol Professional Dramatize Volume Mousse. This professional extra strong hold mousse helps strengthen fine hair with a rich moisturizing formula, which washes out easily, and doesn’t leave the hair sticky or greasy.
Application: Shake well before use, apply a small amount to hands and work into towel dried hair, Blow-dry or style as normal

So what it comes down to, is that these products are fantastic value for money. For a professional, salon-only range like Clairol Professional you can expect to pay at least half the price of other salon products. It definitely does not mean that they lack quality or performance, quite the opposite actually. I prefer them to some salon products I've paid four times the price for. I haven't even noticed that my hair hasn't been cut for months, because I have no split ends and my hair is always soft. I've fallen in love with them and will definitely be purchasing in the future.

If you're looking for a fantastic salon range without the luxury price tag, then give these Clairol Professional products a thought. Sold exclusively in salons, you can ring (NZ) 0800 800 128 for details. 

Have you tried these products? Will you look into buying them?

- Lizy x


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