Jun 4, 2013

Support Your Local Pharmacy

As I'm stuck at home full of sickness today, I thought it fitting to talk about supporting your local pharmacy. Pharmacies have always been my favourite place to shop and explore. I'll tell you a little story. The day after I finished high school, I was sat on the couch thinking of summer and all the free time I'd have to sunbathe and hang with my besties before uni started. My Stepdad had another idea (bless him). He wasn't content with my 10hrs of paid work at a shoe store per week and so threatened to banish Facebook and (shock horror) Bebo from our household. He works in IT so you better believe that I knew that he was telling the truth. That afternoon, I rang around EVERY pharmacy in my city. As luck would have it, the last pharmacy I rang was looking for someone like me to work for them. I got the job and the rest is history. 

I loved working in pharmacy, I learnt so much and went on to work for two more pharmacies before moving up to Palmerston North to study. My boyfriend can attest to the fact that I have to go into every chemist shop I find in a new town we go to. He doesn't understand that new treasures are waiting to be discovered every where we go. 

This is how I found Cook St Pharmacy, a local pharmacy just down the road from where we live. I'd driven past countless times and seen their specials advertised on Facebook, but never had the time to stop and browse, until recently. What I love about local pharmacies, is the service you receive. Immediately I was greeted by friendly staff and was asked if I needed any help. Obviously I was there on a treasure hunt and so was happy just to look on my own. 

I found these gorgeous Mavala nail polishes* on a stand with a 2 for $15 dollar special. I snapped them up, not believing the price (it was a much better deal than was advertised in the local department store). I've used Mavala before and really enjoy their polishes. I find they last well on me, aren't thick or gluggy and come in a gorgeous range of colours. It's a common misconception that these are cheapie, poor quality polishes because not a lot of people know the brand. They are actually lovely, Swiss made nail varnishes of high quality. I was also in need of a new shower loofah* and found one that I liked for a reasonable price. QVS is a great brand of beauty supplies and you can't often find it, so it was great to see it in this pharmacy. I enquired about a student discount and was told that they offer students 10% off (excluding prescriptions I believe).

If you are a student living in Palmerston North, check out Cook St Pharmacy. The service alone is worth the trip, but they stock lovely ranges at good prices.

From memory, they stock:

Om She
The Herb Farm
Dr Bronners Soaps
Some OPI
Karen Murrell lipstick
Tangle Teezer hair combs (?)

and so much more. 

Check out their Facebook page here
Check out their website here

I will always support my local pharmacies and you should too!

- Lizy x


  1. That Blue Curacao is a pretty colour. I also like to go to the drugstore (we don't have the equivalent of pharmacies that much in Canada).

    1. It's lovely isn't it? It's the first time I've worn anything blue/bright like that. It's always so funny to me to hear it being called a Drugstore! Yours are often much bigger (and cheaper) though I think. xx

  2. It sounds like the place to go, I might have to pop in there for a nosy look. By the way MAC makeup is on sale on nzsale tomorrow, thought you might be interested :) xx

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, check it out. It's so lovely. Tell them I sent you xxxx


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