Jul 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday: The Spice Girls

After seeing this post on Into The Gloss, my heart ached for a little bit of the 90's.
It was the best surprise when I'd come home from school to find my mum had bought me the latest Spice Girl's album. I'd play it 24/7, learning all the words (thank goodness I didn't know what '2 become 1' was about back then!!).

Of course I was Posh Spice. Never as skinny, but my tanned skin and dark hair in a bob ensured I was the best candidate at school. Soon everyone just called me Posh. I had her little hand gestures down pat and even forced myself to prefer Lemon Chupa Chups. They were the classiest option after all, dahling!

Remember those Spice Girl Dolls? Don't even get me started on the fact that someone bought me Sporty Spice, complete with arm-band tattoo. Mum rectified it by buying me Posh.

The Spice World movie was on repeat everyday. This dress is dry clean only!
I think my Posh obsession started my serious love for makeup. Her smouldering eyes were my go-to look for every school disco, not to mention my Warehouse version of her 'little Gucci dress'.

Such a classic beauty then and now. Just forget those years in the middle!

Which Spice Girl were you?

- Lizy xx

(I do not own any of these images)

Birthday Wishlist #2

If you've been reading my blog for a while, then you'll remember the Birthday Wishlist post I did last year. It was fabulous because I ended up getting most things on my list, even if I bought them myself with vouchers. Let's be honest, that million dollar infrared sauna was never going to find its way into my home ;)

Here's my 2013 edit.

I wanted this charm for my birthday, but I just got it from Chris for our anniversary! Love x

I'm so excited about this product. You mean I can moisturise my body... in the warm shower? I need this in my life! It's not available until September 9th, but a girl can dream right?

My nails need some serious attention, in particular my cuticles. I've heard this product is not only cute looking, but hard working at nourishing nails.

I need a good mascara back in my life. I've gone through several tubes of this in the past and loved it. 

I'm on the hunt for a gorgeous cake stand. White ceramic is my weak spot and this stand is to-die-for.

A whole lotttttaaa chocolate. This many please and thank you.

I'm quite keen on trying this product, I've got the Dr. LeWinn's Revitanail but I've heard good things about this.

There are many other things on my radar at the moment but I won't post them all here!
What are you lusting over at the moment?

- Lizy xx

P.S don't forget to enter my NIVEA giveaway, there's still time.

Jul 16, 2013

NIVEA Giveaway! *CLOSED*

*This giveaway is now closed*

I'm so happy to share this NIVEA giveaway with you today. Next week it's this blog's 3rd birthday! It's almost like a celebration where you get the presents.

I've got THREE sets of NIVEA goodies to giveaway. 

Have you tried the new Pure & Natural range? Now's your chance! I've been a fan of the Pure & Natural facial wipes for a while and know that you'll love these products too! I'm so excited to be able to give away three of these sets.


- You must be a follower of 'Beauty by Lizy' by clicking the blue 'join this site' button on the right.
- Comment below saying what you'd like to see more of on this blog (one comment per person, per day).
- You must live or have a shipping address in NZ.
- If you're under 18, please have your parents permission to enter.

Simple as that! 3 winners will be randomly drawn on Tuesday 30 July 2013 (two weeks away) and announced at 4pm.


Prize packs were kindly supplied for giveaway purposes.

Jul 13, 2013

Something Funny For Your Saturday

Have you seen this girl's Kris Kardashian (Jenner) makeup tutorial yet? I've linked the heck out of this video already because I think it's hilarious. If you missed seeing it on my Facebook or Twitter, then here it is!

Enjoy, "Dolls"!

- Lizy x

Jul 11, 2013

I'm Back From Thailand!

Did you miss me?....
I feel like I've been away for such a long time. I really meant to schedule some blog posts before I left but things just got too hectic and well, it didn't happen. Without beating myself up about it, I thought I'd quickly show you a few of the things I got up to while living it up in Phuket, Thailand. I'll be back later with more posts about what I took, what worked and what didn't etc. 

Sorry if this picture creeps you out... Before I went over there, I knew I wanted to get a 'fish pedicure'. However, once I got there I chickened out for the first week after observing others writhing in ticklish pain. Also, there are not just one or two places to get your pedi. There are literally streets filled with fish tanks and people asking you to sit down. On the side of the tank. No, I'm not skinny. Yes, I thought I was going to break the tank. A few days before we left I just did it because I said I was going to do it, and also because I needed blog fodder! Well the feeling is CRAZY. It's like sensitivity overload seeing as so many of your nerve endings are being stimulated at once by these small fluttery fish. It doesn't hurt at all, just feels so weird. I didn't really like the feeling of them 'sucking' on my legs though, I was only okay with my feet being 'treated'. My feet were submerged for 10 mins and when I took them out of the tank, they were unbelievably soft! It cost about NZ$4 for 10 mins and then I followed it up with a NZ$12 hour long pedi. So worth it! I actually did this with my BF (same tank, same time) and appreciated not having all of the fish to myself. Although sometimes the fish would all come to me and then all go to him. So weird, but if you get the chance, get one!

Aside from getting our feet sucked by fish, we spent a lot of time at this pool. We stayed at the Centara Karon Resort and this is the Terraces Pool. It was more of an adult pool (there were two others, one with slides for the kiddos) and it was quite deep in places, but good for a swim. There was a swim-up bar (hellloooo happy hour!) where we met lots of couples and drank too many blue lagoon slushies (alcohol included). I miss this pool, take me back!

We did so many amazing things and seeing as this was my first time traveling out of NZ, I did lots of activities for the first time like proper ocean snorkeling! My favourite thing was seeing the Elephants though. The babies were just too precious and I told Chris about 500 times that I wanted to take one home. We went for an Elephant ride after meeting the babies (you can see how in the background). Our Elephant was 30 years old and called Beyonce; I nearly died of cuteness overload. She was such a fast Elephant and if I didn't hold on really well when going downhill I probably would have fallen off! The place we went to see and ride the Elephants (Bukit Safari?) was probably the nicest place we saw. We did pass some others, but they were chained up and looked miserable. We never saw a chained up Elephant at Bukit Safari and were happy with how they were treated.

I was really excited to go to Maya Bay, where the movie The Beach was filmed, and although it was beautiful, it has just been taken over by tourists. I was glad we went here later in the day because it wasn't as busy (our tour guide said about 1000 people go in the mornings). The beach isn't that big and so there were lots of boats and people. You can see someone has left a plastic cup in the foreground of the picture and the little bit of rubbish just took away from the spectacularness (word?) of the beach. I was happy to be here still but it would have been nice if the weather were better for photos. We did risk going to Thailand at the start of the Monsoon Season so it was expected. Just keeping it real people. The limestone cliffs were breathtaking and a highlight of this tour was swimming in the 10m deep water of the lagoon that was used to film part of Jurassic Park 2. Pretty cool.

So that was a little bit of what I got up to on holiday. I'm excited to show you a few of the new products that have landed on my desk recently and plan to blog here more often.

What have you guys been getting up to? Have you ever been to Thailand?

- Lizy xx
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