Nov 15, 2013

Review: Sebastian Professional Shine Define

Shine Define Hairspray 200ml* - $35

Allow me to introduce you to my new favourite hairspray.

Sebastian Professional Shine Define.

This hairspray is not like your average, gigantic-can counterpart. It's a shine-boosting pocket rocket with enough hold to give a suitable amount of texture and structure, without the 'crispyness' you can get from other sprays. 

The problem with some hair spray is the matte look that they can give. If you're a brunette like me, shine is the ultimate goal when styling your hair so this product ticks all the boxes, shine and definition - hence the name.

This rather average iPhone pic shows an unfiltered look at the product in action. Shiny hair with textured, loose waves. I curled my hair and then spot-sprayed the product on to hold the curl, then I gently ran my fingers through my hair to loosen them up. A quick, easy go to look of mine.

The presentation of the product is different to what I'm normally used to. When I think hairspray, I think, ginormous can and aerosol. This is more of a liquid in a smaller can with a fine spray application. 

It works.

That's all there is to say. It smells good, holds well, and gives shine. A holy grail product!

Shine Define is a salon-only product, that is sold where Sebastian Professional is stocked.

For all you Carrie Diaries fans out there, you better believe I think of Sebastian Kidd everytime I use it.


I have so much to update you on...
A picture heavy update post is on it's way soon!

- Lizy xx


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