Feb 28, 2014

Weight Loss on a Beauty Blog?

 As you'll know (if you've read a couple of my latest posts) that I've recently got back from an amazing ski holiday in Canada. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to go there and ski for a couple of weeks and experience bitterly cold temperatures (down to -30*c) that we just don't get in New Zealand. I had such a great time, doing my best with beginner level skiing and everything, but the thought that was there in the back of my mind the whole time was, 'What more could I do if I was fitter or weighed less?'

I've never been ashamed of my appearance and I've never thought I was ugly. I just guess I got too comfortable with my weight because people told me 'you suit being a bit chubby', 'you're still in proportion so you look fine'. However, I avoided going on the dog sled tour because I knew that Chris and I wouldn't be able to ride on the same sleigh due to our combined weight. I turned down going for a snowshoe walk because I knew my fitness level would hold up the group. 

Something snapped inside me when we got home to New Zealand. I decided I wanted to be truly healthy and part of that is losing weight. I don't want self-inflicted heart problems or diabetes. 

I don't think I've ever known how good my body is designed to feel. 

My fiancé is actually a Personal Trainer and leads such an active lifestyle. I know that we could do so many more things together if I had a better fitness ability. Just last weekend, my brother rang Chris and asked him to step in and do the AMI Round the Bays run with him. On a whim, at 7.30am on Sunday morning, I decided I'd walk the same distance. By myself. At that point I knew I was serious about transforming my life. Since I've been home from holiday I've been on lots of walks, drank several green juices, rejoined the gym and have already lost a couple of kilos. Heck, this morning I even did a Bollywood style dance class at my gym!

My future goals now include:

- losing 40kgs
- Hiking the Tongariro Alpine Crossing next summer
- Running the 10km next year at Round the Bays
- Spending more time outdoors with Chris
- Working on my upper-body strength

and lastly....

- posting a picture of myself in a bikini at my goal weight on this blog!

The reason that I wanted to document my journey on this blog, besides holding myself accountable by sharing it with the world, is that I want to talk about the beauty side of weight loss. 

I want to talk about how my body is changing. What products I'm using, including what works, what I love etc. I know of people that have lost loads of weight and haven't thought about 'treating' their body along the way until they've lost all the weight. It's too late then. I'm young, so I know I have a fighting chance of looking amazing at the end of it. But if a firming cream is going to help me along the way, then yes! I am keen to try it. 

For example, Clarins have an Anti Eau body treatment oil that contours and helps get rid of excess fluid build up. Those are the things I want to try.

I want to try vitamin supplements. I want to try resistance bands during exercise. 

I want to try anything that is going to help me along the way to look good and feel better.

I want to amaze myself (and other people!) at what I can do and what I am doing.

I don't want to look like this on my Wedding day, because I know I'm not comfortable with myself. I'm not saying women can't get married at my size. I'm absolutely not saying that. I'm being selfish here and am only talking about myself. I have picked out the most perfect dress already. It just so happens to have a plunging back, and there's no way I'll wear that with back rolls!

Chris and I want to backpack around Europe in a couple of years. I don't think I'd physically be able to do that at my current size and ability level.

It's about getting fit, getting strong, getting healthy and sharing my journey along the way. 

I can't wait to share with you my beauty finds.

And don't worry, this blog isn't going to be taken over by weightloss, I'll still be posting regular Beauty by Lizy posts most often.

I'll need to come up a name to identify these sort of posts in the subject line. I shall have a ponder :)

I'd love to hear your tips (beauty or health related) on getting fit too.

Who is with me?!

- Lizy xx


  1. Great Job Lizy! Its so empowering to hear about how you have made such a huge decision, and to share it with your readers! Let me know if you need any help, and I would love to do a blog interview with you along your journey of weight loss! Just know that there will be so many people out there inspired by what you are doing, and that you are not alone :) xx

  2. You can do this bestie, you are a strong amazing woman xxx

  3. That's awesome for you! I love reading that you are totally confident with yourself as you are, which you should be-you're beautiful! I know that I need to work on my health and fitness-I do nothing right now and eat anything I want. I have a crazy little boy to keep up with now, and want to be able to do that! I will definitely be reading along on your progress! :)

  4. Well, where to start. Lizy my older sister for so many years now I have looked up to and right now in this moment after reading this I couldn't be more proud of you. I believe just like everything else in your life if you can dream it you can do it. I will be here for you and with alone the way and who knows I may even come for a couple of runs (who are we kidding walks :) ) with you because we both know I could be losing a few pounds too. Go get it girl it is there for the taking. Can't wait to see your progress alone the way. Reuben

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