Mar 3, 2014

Review: Evolu Exfoliating Body Polish

Evolu Exfoliating Body Polish* - 200ml $39.99

If I were being honest - which I always try to do on this blog - I'd admit that my favourite type of body care product is an exfoliator. There is something so satisfying about scrubbing away my dead skin cells and revealing fresh, new skin. It's pretty obvious now that I get really excited about good, effective scrubs and this one by Kati Kasza at Evolu is one of them.

It's best described as an invigorating, balancing and regenerating scrub due to the menthol, eucalyptus, lavender, walnut and kiwifruit seeds it contains. It's quite cooling on the skin so I prefer this in the morning or if it's a particularly hot/humid night then I'll use it then too. I apply it generously to damp skin as I think scrubs work better when you use a decent amount of it. I rub it in for a couple of minutes before rinsing. 

It's very 'awakening' thanks to the menthol and eucalyptus and I have relied on it to wake me up in the morning on more than one occasion! It's a great product to use pre-shave as I find that it helps get rid of any dead skin cells that collect around hair follicles. I've always exfoliated beforehand and I believe it gives a closer shave, something we are always trying to achieve. 

The exfoliating granules themselves (walnut and kiwifruit seeds) are quite round so I feel like I'm not scratching my skin; something I do get concerned about. The scent is uplifting and invigorating, I don't sense a lot of lavender in the smell (although it is there), which is good because I feel that would put me to sleep not wake me up!

My skin always feels great afterwards and like when I've exfoliated my face, I know that my body is best prepared to receive a good moisturiser.

This scrub has quite a following too, I saw it was featured on Stuff ( a while back in a feature on Colin Mathura-Jeffree's beauty regime. He raved about it, and if it's good enough for him,it's good enough for anyone. I know Lisa O'Neil (the NZ stylist) uses a lot of Evolu too and I think she may have recommended this to me at some point or other.

Kati has created a fabulous product and you can experience it for yourself here:

Or where Evolu is stocked nationwide (Farmers, pharmacies etc).

What is your favourite body product?

- Lizy xx


  1. This scrub sounds amazing! Evolu products are always great quality.


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