Oct 31, 2014

Stress Less + a Giveaway

As you will have noticed by my lack of posts recently that I'm quite a busy cookie. Often a by-product of being busy is being stressed, and we all know that being stressed is bad for our health. Not only does it age us (my primary concern on a beauty blog! ;) ) but it is a leading cause of illness. I prefer not to get stressed for another reason altogether - Stress sweating. Sweating is not a delicate nor a pleasant topic to talk about so wouldn't you rather get a product that dealt with it so you don't have to worry about it? Exactly what I thought. 

Enter NIVEA's new Stress Protect Clinical Strength roll-on. I can think of countless occasions when this product could have come to my rescue.

Back in April I strutted my stuff as a runway model for The Carpenter's Daughter at Wellington Fashion Week. It was probably the most nerve-wracking/stressful time of my life. I was teetering in 4-inch heels on a slippery floor with a long runway ahead of me. Not to mention the three outfit changes in the nick of time (including the all-leather one!) or the rows of faces eyeing me up as I walked. I was petrified and the wall of snapping cameras at the end of the runway didn't help. Not just to protect the clothes, but to keep cool, calm and collected, this product would have been worth a million dollars to me that day.

That time in July that I was privileged to apply makeup to our Prime Minister's beautiful wife Bronagh Key. My shaking hand didn't lie as I applied her lipstick but my armpits would have if I had been wearing this anti-perspirant. I was nervous!

Then in September I actually met the Prime Minister. Again, close range encounters with the most important man in New Zealand could have been improved through the use of this product. I only had one shot at a half-decent selfie, so a deep breath in and a smile at the fact that any body odour was controlled would have been a god-send.

What I'm trying to say is that this product works. I mean really works. 
You apply it at night-time when your body is more receptive to the formula and then again in the morning. What you get is clinical strength round-the-clock cover from stress sweating. There's no point getting anxious over something you can fix.

I'll tell you where I am planning on wearing it. My wedding. The most nerve-wracking/stressful day of my near future. Can you imagine a receiving line in the March heat with armpit issues? No thanks!

You would think a miracle product like this would be hard to come by, but it's not. You can pop it in your trolley at your weekly grocery shop for around $15. You might even win one for yourself and your man too. 

I'm giving away two double packs of deos (one for you and one for your guy) over on my...
Instagram page: @beautybylizy link
... and Facebook Page: Beauty by Lizy link


Have you been in a situation where this deodorant would have come to the rescue? Met anyone famous and realised that you really need this in your life? 

Let me know below!

- This post was sponsored by NIVEA (thank you!), but as always, all opinions are my own.


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