Sep 17, 2015

Review: Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm

I've probably mentioned this product on the blog before but I wanted to share it with you today because I believe in sharing the products that have stood the test of time. Rather than showing you what's new all the time, it's a truer indication of how much I love a product based on the fact that I've been using something for 5 years.

This is that product. I have about 4 of these Clarins lip balms scattered around various handbags; I am literally scared to be without it. It is the most intensely nourishing and hydrating lip balm without being sticky. It gives the lips a perfect polished look and enhances your natural lip colour. I always love the way my lips look when I have this on. It contains rose wax, which if you are comparing it to By Terry's Baume de Rose makes it a more attractive price point. 

I took this up the mountain in the snow with me recently and used it at lunch time and at the end of the day to soften and soothe my lips. I always use a lip product with SPF while I'm skiing as the Sun's rays reflect off the snow and can seriously burn. I use SPF30+, however it's nice to have a better tasting balm to apply when you are not directly in the sun, SPF have a tendency to taste horrible.

You may remember a while back Lupita Nyongo'o famously used this balm at the Oscars and it sold out worldwide pretty quickly! 

I have repurchased this balm time and time again and have recommended it to friends who have bought it and loved it too. I can't remember the exact cost now but it is about $36 I think.

Have you tried this lip balm before? Are you as obsessed as me?

Until my next post,

Sep 16, 2015

New Bobbi Brown Queensgate Counter // Top 3 Lip Colors

Bobbi Brown have recently opened a counter at Farmers Queensgate, and I couldn't be happier! As a 'Bobbi Brunette' (a name I coined to describe brunettes with a penchant for neutral coloured cosmetics), I've long-lusted over the sleek packaging and high performance products. Bobbi has a way of making every woman look and feel beautiful, often without fuss. It's all about working with each woman as an individual to play up her features rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach to makeup. I've been a huge subscriber to Bobbi's life philosophy for a long time. Some of the first beauty books I read in my early teen years were by Bobbi.

Bobbi's ten life rules:

1. Work hard, but smart
2. Be nice
3. Be fearless
4. Never stop learning
5. Stay positive
6. Keep on reading
7. Surround yourself with great people
8. Be grateful
9. Be open
10. Have fun

Whenever I get asked who I would invite over for dinner if I could... I always say Bobbi Brown! That is if I could invite about 5 people, and then Kate Middleton would be on the top of that list too (naturally)! ;)

So I went in for a makeup lesson with the amazing Matt and walked away with a few things; I may or may not have got a bit carried away. Matt is so knowledgeable and made me feel if I was catching up with a close friend. Not only is he talented, but he is the sweetest guy ever, answering all my questions and putting up with my Kate Middleton obsession! Haha! Prior to this lesson I had bought Sandwash Pink 22 lipstick for my wedding from another counter. Unbeknownst to me, this was the shade selected for Kate Middleton to wear to her wedding!! I swear this was just the biggest coincidence and a sign that we should be BFFs right now. More on that later though.

As he was applying my makeup I mentioned how beautiful the counter was and how I would love it in my kitchen! Matt said that it was funny I should say that because the new counters were based off of Bobbi's home kitchen and that she wanted her customers to feel at home when they shop from her. The kitchen is the heart of the home and she was trying to carry on that theme with her business. So lovely!

Marble = Swoon!! And yes those are real apples...

I'm obsessed with her blush and lipstick offering. Matt custom blended two blush shades on me to give a natural look. I ended up buying the shade Clementine to use as my base colour and then later the Pale Pink shade for my accent colour. Bobbi really pioneered the corrector and concealer look for a brighter more natural looking skin and Matt demonstrated how to do this before applying stick foundation. My skin was so even-toned and flawless, I got some lovely compliments that day.

We went for a neutral, smokey eye with a shimmer overlay and black gel-liner (one of my holy grail products). We started with the Eyeshadow Stick pictured above in Sunlight Gold and then he blended other eyeshadow sticks over top to give a natural look. He blended it all with his fingers so there were no brushes necessary. He then applied the gorgeous Blondie Pink 64 Lip Color with a clear gloss over the top. I purchased Blondie Pink because it is a great throw on anytime, anywhere type colour. A little deeper than Sandwash Pink, but similar tone and the same consistency that I already knew I loved. It does have a tendency to go matte after a while so the clear gloss helps to keep it shiny if that's what you'd like.

Matt made sure to warm all of the products to my skin, including the skincare he had applied first. He made a point to explain the benefits of eye cream before corrector and concealer and gave me a sample to take home of their Hydrating Eye Cream.

Here is my finished look! It's not a perfect photo, but it was taken in a department store with artificial lighting. I think Matt did such a great job and I have been to see him since to purchase other things (thank goodness for birthday money!).

As mentioned earlier, I've got a few Bobbi lipsticks now. Sandwash Pink 22 was purchased to wear as my wedding lip colour and you can see that it is a light, rosy pink. It will be a gorgeous neutral that will showcase my lips but not overpower my entire look. Blondie Pink 64 (I mistakenly wrote 04 in the photo above) is a stunner. A little deeper and browner than Sandwash Pink, it is still a neutral and has been my go-to shade for everything lately! Guava 1 Rich Lip Color was a gift that I got for booking in for a lesson during opening week. I chose it because it's a bright guava/watermelony colour that will look amazing this spring and summer. I am excited to wear that one more often. I also chose it because I didn't have anything else really similar to it. Beauty guru probz when you have so many lipsticks, haha!

Now back to the coincidence with the Kate Middleton Wedding lipstick. When Matt had finished my makeover/lesson, I Google searched Kate Middleton's wedding face chart because he had told me that she wore all Bobbi Brown on the day. I thought it had been another brand. 
Can you imagine my surprise when it turns out that Pippa wore Blondie Pink?! I'd just purchased it and felt pretty good about myself and my royal approved makeup collection. 

Both face charts via this website.

So now I'm in two minds... Is it a blessing or a curse that this new counter has opened up right around the corner from me? My face says one thing but my wallet says another!

Which Bobbi brown products, if any, do you use? Are you interested in more now?

Until next time,

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