Nov 28, 2016

Tier for Teens Range + Review

This post has been a while in the making because I actually received these Tier for Teens products back at the end of August. You may remember I shared a few photos on my Instagram (@beautybylizy) when I got them and first started using them. Sidenote - You really should follow me on Insta because I share loads of 'mini reviews' on there and update that with my fave beauty finds regularly. 

I've added these products to my usual product rotation and have loved them! When I first got wind of this range the item that impressed me the most was STEAM - 8 facial steam bags made up of dried petals and botanics that you use in a basin of warm/hot water. A bit like a tea bag treatment for your face, albeit with the most luxe ingredients. White willow bark, chickweed, sage, lavender, comfrey, liquorice root, hibiscus, calendula, rose, green tea and rosemary are all stars at softening sebum, unclogging pores, reducing inflammation and preparation of the skin to better receive other products. You use one steam bag in a basin of hot/boiling water (1L) and let to steep for 10 minutes. If you are using boiling water you may need to leave it a little longer before being comfortable steaming over it, but it is personal preference. The water at our house is very hot so I just used it straight from the tap. You then create a tent over the basin with a towel over your head and revel in the botanical, aromatic scent and relax for 10-15 minutes.

After steaming your face, it is recommended to follow with MASK so that the excess softened sebum (from steaming) can be absorbed by the French rose clay. The Burdock and Crushed Rose MASK works to gently purify, exfoliate, heal and treat the skin. It boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties to keep teenage skin in top condition while increasing circulation and reducing scarring. You apply a generous amount to the face (avoiding the eye area) and leave on for 10-15 minutes. I would not recommend leaving this product on for longer than that. You may experience some tingling while it is on your face and that is perfectly normal. You will want to dampen your fingers and massage the MASK over your face to achieve a gentle exfoliation before rinsing off. 

Although I didn't try SPRITZ, it is at this point that I would spray a little of this product onto your face, followed by MOISTURE (I did try a sample of this - very softening and light textured). There you have yourself a DIY facial at home with brilliant teen-targeted products. I would recommend this once a week and for regular maintenance use WASH, SPRITZ, MOISTURE and SPOT STOP in that order.

The teenage version of myself would have been obsessed with this range, especially with such a special product like STEAM. Most teen ranges don't think to make a comprehensive, luxe range - but in actual fact, many teens do love to take care of their skin and treat it with care just as their big sisters, cousins and mums do. It's not all about "quick, what can I scrub on my face in the shower in 2 seconds?" type ranges.

Well done Tier for Teens - I salute you!

I shared these products and a facial with my younger cousin (she is 13) and she loves them so much! She feels so grown up and loves taking ownership of the health and wellbeing of her body.

Tier for Teens is a natural range created especially for teenage skin by well-known New Zealand natural skincare company Nellie Tier. This brand is not new to me, I have shared my love for their Neroli and Cinnamon Bark candle on social media for years. I am up to my third one and could not live without one! I often buy their delicious hand creams for gifts as they are so well received. I like the May Chang and Mandarin version.

The Tier for Teens range is available online at:

STEAM: $40 for 8 steam bags*
WASH: $29 130ml
SPRITZ: $26 130ml
MOISTURE: $35 130ml
MASK: $38 120ml*
SPOT STOP: $22 30ml

The range is a reasonably priced, quality collection of products that are generously sized and sure to delight the teen in your life. They would make perfect Christmas presents!

I was kindly sent the STEAM and MASK products to try with no expectation for review. I have genuinely enjoyed using these products and think you will too. I was not sponsored for this post. All opinions are my own.


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