Mar 20, 2018

Hello, is this thing on?

Hello, world. 

It's a been a hot minute... or year. #fail.

So much has happened and I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to fill you in on everything. I may just give you the Reader's Digest version? Yes, let's just bullet point some of the standout events. Note: by putting these events in bullet points I am not trivialising any of them... especially the first one 😩. So, in no particular order, these are some of the events that have happened since my last post:

- I lost my beloved Papa. I don't know that anything else matters beyond this... but this tragedy was the catalyst for writing again, so...
- We celebrated our first and second wedding anniversary.
- We finally made it to Rarotonga for our "official" honeymoon.
- I finished my degree (a long time coming!) and graduated.
- I started two businesses.
- We began making some improvements to our first home.
- We started using essential oils everyday (and are obsessed).
- We planned and booked a Europe holiday, and then had to cancel (largely due to point one...).
- We went vegetarian/plant-based as much as possible.
- We hosted our first Christmas in our very own home.

But perhaps above all, we deepened our relationships with those we love, realised what is most important and let go of some relationships that weren't adding value to our lives. 

Part of why I haven't written for so long is because I became tired of the 'do it for the 'gram' mentality. I don't just live my life to share it on social media and I felt like I had fallen behind more successful bloggers who regularly post. I felt I was becoming trapped in a PR cycle that dictated what I should post and when. I'm not bagging this industry at all... I'm just shining a light on what was hard for me to keep up with - I felt that everyone was writing about the same thing all the time. If you've seen the Black Mirror episode 'Nosedive', you'll understand what I'm talking about.

I've always tried to be honest on here and recently I've felt that honest opinions and thought weren't necessarily in vogue. I've been wanting to write, but I lost confidence in my way of writing. I hope you'll stick around and that what I have to say is interesting.

I'm also going to start peppering in some lifestyle posts. Beauty is my first love, but I'm a 27-year-old wife and homeowner who loves to travel, decorate, cook and celebrate royal weddings ;)

Thank you for your enduring support. I'll see you soon!

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